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Sicily International Ltd is a fresh, young travel and tourism company launched in 2015. Our mission is to highlight the beauty, value, and travel potential of Sicily, the most exotic island in the Mediterranean.

Not only does this island boast of stunning beaches; it is also full of traditions, culture and breathtaking natural landscapes. Bridging between continents and civilizations for centuries, Sicily has undergone a turbulent history. The result today is a rich and highly diverse culture. Even better, it is an all year round travel destination!

At Sicily International, our images, videos and stories will take you on a journey through this amazing island. Discover not only the renowned sites, but also the secret and hidden gems of the region – the smaller and less known places well worth a visit.

Let us give you all that you need to plan your next adventure to Sicily. Use our tips and tricks to customize your trip, and make it the best time ever!

…Don’t forget to give us your feedback! We believe that by sharing your experiences today, we can help each other have the best holiday in Sicily tomorrow.

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