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Fake text the regional capital of Sicily, is one of those cities with its own very distinct, almost tangible atmosphere, a place of mystery where reality often outperforms the traveller’s imagination and.

Uncovering Sicilian heritage & culture

Discover the most fascinating curiosities, traditions and news on this marvellous island. Go through our list of interesting articles to learn more useful information and details for your amazing experience in Sicily. Find out the most important local activities through our interviews and reviews.

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How to Have an Active Holiday in Sicily

  Sicily is the place of diversity and contrasts. Today, you’ll be taking a nice walk, exploring cities, but tomorrow, …

Summer Events in Sicily

Cultural uplift is important for ever human. Don’t allow yourself to forget about that even when you’re on a vacation, …

Top 10 Beaches in Sicily

Beautiful beaches are one of Sicily’s many advantages. You probably couldn’t fine a beach that doesn’t offer something special. Just …

The History of Sicily

In the heart of the Mediterranean lies its largest island, beautiful Sicily. Due to the excellent strategic position, Sicily was …

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Palermo

Palermo, the fifth biggest city in Italy, is a place full of amazing contrasts; chaotic but still somehow serene. If …

SicilyFEST – The Must-See Two Day Popup Market in London

Not everyone today has a chance to visit a popular touristic destination. Even if they do, it’s hard to visit …

Activities For The Sicilian Outdoors!

What Activities are Available On My Sicilian Holiday? Sicily is simply a fabulous retreat when you want to get away …

The Ionian Coast, Central and South Eastern Sicily

Sicily’s Ionian Coast The Ionian Coast is awash with some of Sicily’s most magnificent sights; breath-taking Mount Etna, the stunning …

The Beautiful Aeolian Islands of Sicily

Just off of Sicily’s north-eastern coast Lipari (Lipari Town), Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi make up the magical Aeolian Islands of Sicily. This little piece of paradise offers something for everyone; swimmers, divers and sailors can all enjoy the clear cobalt blue waters, whilst land lovers can trek through the stunning scenery and grumbling volcanoes.

Baroque Sicily – The Val Di Noto

The Val di Noto – The Jewel in Sicily’s Crown The Val di Noto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site …

The Best Beaches in Sicily

Sicily’s 1,000kms of coastline has something for everyone, from golden sandy beaches, pebble coves, unspoilt nature reserves and vibrant seaside resorts.

The Famous Markets of Palermo

Palermo’s historical ties with the Arab world and its proximity to North Africa are heavily reflected in the noisy street life of the city’s ancient centre and nowhere is this more evident than in the markets.