How to Have an Active Holiday in Sicily

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Your Active Holiday in Sicily


Sicily is the place of diversity and contrasts. Today, you’ll be taking a nice walk, exploring cities, but tomorrow, don’t be surprised if you wind up diving, hiking or horse riding. Everything’s possible on this magnificent island. If you ever get bored from sipping coffee under the warm Sicilian sun, or eating cannoli, here’s what you can do to spice things up. It is easy keeping active in Sicily.

Go diving! Sicily has numerous wonderful beaches and the water here is crystal clear and inviting. If you ask any Sicilian where to go scuba diving, they’ll say Ustica and they’re completely right. Ustica is the best spot for this activity in the whole Mediterranean Sea. Just imagine the beautiful nature that’s only a dive away. That’s a pretty good reason to experience this sea adventure. On the plus side, newbies are welcome since Ustica has so many excellent scuba instructors. Be careful, you might stay longer than planned.

Climb! There’s a short path from the sea to the mountains, especially if you’re climbing the cliffs of San Vito lo Capo. The turquoise sea is just a stone’s throw away. You’ll find every type of climbing here and most of the routes are secure. If you’re a beginner, try climbing easy slabs. It will help a lot if you’re visiting San Vito lo Capo in the spring or the fall, since the temperature here can become really extreme.

Take a hike! No, don’t go away. Stay here and explore beautiful Sicily in a relaxed manner. Spending spring or autumn in Sicily will give you an opportunity to enjoy the lovely nature and breath-taking scenery. Your first stop should be the stunning volcano Etna; One of the world’s most active volcanoes. Take an organised tour or conquer Etna all by yourself. You don’t get the chance to visit volcanoes every day, now do you!

Glide! Actually, paraglide to be exact. If you are a fan of this extreme sport then you need to visit Palermo. The best paragliding team in Sicily will help you overcome your fears and show you a stunning view from the aerial perspective. Once you experience this type of adrenalin you won’t be afraid of anything.

Set sail! Aeolian Islands, deemed to be the best location for sailing, are waiting for you. Whether you steer your own boat or hire a private skipper to do it for you, the pleasure is doubtlessly there. We don’t have to tell you that summer is the perfect time to sail through Sicily’s waters, do we?

Yee-haw! Bond with wonderful horses and breathe in the beauty of Sicily. Horseback riding is extremely popular among the tourists in the Madonie Mountains. Can you think of a cooler way to kill a couple of hours than riding through Sicily’s unbelievable countryside?

Surf! Are surfing and sailing two of your favourite activities connected with water? Then you will surely love windsurfing! Sicily has over 1000 km of shoreline and it is patiently waiting for surfers from all around the world. Forget about the Caribbean, Sicily is your new top destination.

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