SicilyFEST – The Must-See Two Day Popup Market in London

Not everyone today has a chance to visit a popular touristic destination. Even if they do, it’s hard to visit every corner of the planet they love. That’s why pop up markets are a great way to get to know food, people and customs from all around the world. It wouldn’t be bad to attend one in your neighbourhood, now would it?

If you’re in London this weekend, make sure you stop by London’s oldest market, Spitalfields. Sure, sitting in a coffee shop and doing nothing is great, but SicilyFEST will really make your weekend worthy of spending it outside. Bishops Square will be converted into Italy’s most special part, Sicily.

Experiencing this weekend’s SicilyFEST will make you feel just like you’re under the warm Sicilian sun. This pop up market has only the best Sicily can give you. From traditional arancini to all types of pasta, jams and marmalades, flavourful meals and heavenly cannoli. Sicilian cuisine is a divine mixture of many Mediterranean cultures. So many types of cannoli all in one place. This must be what paradise looks like! Don’t worry, homemade beer and wine is also there, cold and waiting to be sipped.

It’s one thing to nibble on yummy Sicilian goodies; it’s another thing to see how fresh ingredients create one spectacular meal. SicilyFEST offers you an exclusive opportunity to see Italian chef Carmelo Carnevale do his magic at two cooking demonstrations. Chef Carmelo will reveal to you his secrets, tips and tricks on how to make one unbelievable Sicilian dish, the orange salad. Traditional Sicilian recipes will never go out of style, you’ll see why.

If you’re thinking: “Oh, this is just another food festival.” or “I’m cutting carbs; might as well skip this event.” you’re making a big mistake. Let me tell you why. SicilyFEST isn’t only about mouth-watering dishes and fine wine. This event has much more to offer, hence the word “market”. I’m sure ladies will enjoy the fact there’ll be many booths with handmade jewellery and other fashionable accessories. Hey, you’ll even find some nifty things for your home. Pretty diverse, don’t you think?

Don’t forget to bring your children; they’re more than welcome. There is going to be art therapy activities especially for them, and cool photographic exhibitions for grownups. That’s a really nice way to make kids fall in love with this beautiful island and its culture.

Everything sounds so great. Great food, shopping break and something new to try, but do you know what’s the best thing SicilyFEST has to offer? Two days full of a warm environment, nice people and building lovely memories with others. Don’t forget to visit on May 21st and 22nd at Bishops Square. It’s free to enter! See you this weekend at 10.30 AM. If you’ can’t go to Sicily, Sicily will come to you, Londoners!

For more information: SicilyFEST