Top 10 Beaches in Sicily

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Beautiful beaches are one of Sicily’s many advantages. You probably couldn’t fine a beach that doesn’t offer something special. Just to convince you, here’s a list of top 10 beaches on this captivating island.

  1. NAME: Spiaggia dei Conigli

WHERE: Lampedusa

WHY: If we have to choose Sicily’s #1 beach, Spiaggia dei Conigli has to be it. Perfectly clear tourqoise water without a single wave in sight. Don’t worry if you’re not a good swimmer. The water isn’t too deep here and you can literaly swim with the fish; You know, in a good way!

  1. NAME: Cala Rossa

WHERE: Favignana

WHY: Looking for a calm place to get in touch with nature? You can’t do better than Cala Rossa. This beach might not have white sand, but its flat rocks are ideal for sunbathing. Once you take the effort to get here you’ll see why this beach is nature’s gem.

  1. NAME: Mondello

WHERE: Palermo

WHY: Is Mondello beach the ideal getaway from the buzzing city of Palermo? Definitely! Just a few kilometers outside the city you’ll find this tourist heaven. Plenty of cafes, bars and stores, clear water and warm sand is all you need for a family vacation. A good time is guaranteed here.

  1. NAME: Lungomare di Cefalu

WHERE: Cefalu

WHY: Have you ever wondered where can you watch the prettiest sunset in Italy? Lungomare will offer you this one of a kind experience. The close proximity to a charming fishing village and the old historic part of Cefalu is a major plus. Lungomare will teach you to find beauty in the simplest things.

  1. NAME: Isola Bella

WHERE: Taormina

WHY: How can such a small island like Isola Bella have such a lovely attraction? Isola Bella isn’t called the beautiful island for no reason. The ancient fortress protects this 1 sq. km island and gives you one stunning view. It’s so captivating here, you’ll even forget about the rocky shore.

  1. NAME: Spiaggia di San Vito lo Capo

WHERE: San Vito lo Capo

WHY: Once you get here you’ll see why everyone thinks this beach is a little slice of the Caribbean in Sicily. Sparkling white sand, crystal clear water and divine nature all around you. One tip, though: you’ll enjoy this beach better during the off season.

  1. NAME: Spiaggia Sampieri

WHERE: Scicli

WHY: When you’re traveling with your family you wanna make sure the water is safe for children. Spiaggia Sampieri is that one place where they’re going to have lots of fun. Once again, clean sand, wonderful water, some bars nearby. Don’t tell us this didn’t intrigue you enough to visit Sampieri.

  1. NAME: Scala dei Turchi

WHERE: Realmonte

WHY: The white cliffs of Scala dei Turchi will take your breath away. Whether you want to relax on one special beach, or climb the cliffs, you’ll have the time of your life.

  1. NAME: Cyclops’ Riviera

WHERE: Aci Trezza

WHY: Some of us love an active vacation. What a better way to spice up your holiday than with scuba diving? Riviera dei Ciclopi grows on you with its volcanic scenery and unspoiled nature.

  1. NAME: The Madalena Peninsula

WHERE: Syracuse

WHY: Are wild beaches your thing? Well, you’ll be very happy with our final choice. The Madalena Peninsula is one sensational place to spend your vacation. Sometimes raw nature is all you need to relax.

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