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Welcome to the Only in Sicily blog on sicily.co.uk. We have been working hard during this past year to make sure that we get all the best information for your travels to Sicily. We have worked hard to get you information on the best places to stay in Sicily, the top restaurants and simply the most interesting places to see and activities to do.

Sicily.co.uk isn’t just a place to see the stunning places that this beautiful Italian island has to offer, but it is your first step to your holiday on this diverse island. Imagine us as a travel guide, but one that keeps updating itself to give you the most relevant information when you need it.

If you take a look at Sicily.co.uk you will find that we have a lot of options for you to organise your perfect holiday on this beautiful Italian island:

We have great places to stay broken down by apartments, B&B, country house, hostel, hotels and villas as well as according to the province. We have accommodation from rustic places full of tradition or 5-star hotels full of luxury.

Are you looking for some great things to do, then why don’t you check out our page that show you the events that are happening in the different parts of the city and the provinces

We have a full range of activities ranging from art and history, beaches and relaxation, events and nightlife, nature reserve and activities, street markets, traditional events, water sports and best of all the great places that you can get something to eat on this beautiful island.

The great thing about Sicily.co.uk is that everything is already organised for you, so that you can make the itinerary that you want. Why not choose a place first and then decide what you want to discover there. We leave all the options open to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Sicily has great beaches, a good choice of nightlife, tasty food and fun activities. If you want the sights of Rome, protected by UNESCO and representing different parts of the island’s long history, then you are in the right place. Sicily has 964 UNESCO sites. When talking about Sicily, we can’t forget about its cuisine and you can be sure that the Sicilian cuisine makes up a large part of the famous Italian cuisine that is known worldwide. I am sure that most people have heard of the cannoli. The Mediterranean diet is known to be the world’s most balanced cuisine, so you are sure to find the healthiest choice of food.

That must have convinced you that this is is an interesting part of Italy, but just as interesting as it is, the scenery is even more surprising. From rising mountains to shining seas, but don’t forget that what Sicily is most known for regarding its landscape is the volcano called Etna. You know that you can’t go wrong with what Mother Nature has created in Sicily. It is nothing short of stunning. So make your trip soon, but first visit Only in Sicily Website to make a clear itinerary by adding all the places to your favourites. Your holiday should be a breeze.



That must have convinced you that Sicily is an interesting place, but just as interesting as it is, the scenery is even more surprising.