A Mix of History, Delicious Food & Fun Nightlife!

Palermo shows the western, islamic and byzantine cultures  in its wonderful old town centre and in its many UNESCO protected sites.

Palermo is the economical, cultural and historical capital of Sicily and with its colourful city centre, rich in tourist attractions, delicious food and nightlife, it has something to offer for everyone’s taste.
The western, Islamic and byzantine cultures can be admired in the many UNESCO protected sites around the city, offering an ancient and fascinating view of the city.

In the midst of all these historic sites, winding through the narrow streets, you will also find the marvellous food markets with its own set of historic importance. Still delivering tasty food to the locals, these markets – especially renown for the fresh fish- are the reason why eating in Palermo is always a safe bet. All over the city you will be able to taste delicious meals in restaurants, taverns, bars or even the streets… but don’t forget to save room for the sweets, they are just as tasty and dangerously addictive!

Palermo becomes extremely lively especially in the summer when unexpected spaces turn into clubs, karaokes and pubs. If you’re looking for a change of scene and need a break from all the history or nightlife, then satisfy your urges by spending the day relaxing at the beach.

Honestly, getting bored is not an option in Palermo!

Population: 1,276,000+
Best Known For: Arab-Norman Itinerary
Nearest Airport : Falcone-Borsellino
Nearest Ferry Port : Port of Palermo

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