Pelagian Islands

A Protected Marine Reserve Surrounded by Clear Blue Waters

The Pelagian Islands include the wonderful and stunning Island of Rabbits. 

The archipelago of Pelagian Islands is characterised by a fascinating history.  Its name derives from Greek, Pelagies, and it means Open Sea.
As you can imagine these islands are located in the southern part of the Mediterranea Sea closer to Malta and Tunisia. The largest island of the archipelago is Lampedusa, well known for the tiny Island of Rabbits on it’s south-west coast, its location benefits the island’s flora and fauna, giving it a lovely mix of African and Italian vegetation. Lampedusa has lots of rocky bays which inspire wonder at first sight. This island is also renown for its marine protected area, preserving the Caretta Caretta Turtle.This turtle spends most of its life in saltwater habitats and rarely come ashore, except when the females deposit their eggs on the Island of Rabbits.
The second island is Linosa, known as the Black Island, due to its volcanic environment characterised by three craters: Monte Rosso, Monte Nero and Monte Vulcano. It has only one sandy beach, but the coastline is rich in nature and vegetation, making this a marvellous place to visit. This island was conquered by Greeks, Romans and Arabs as during the Punic Wars it was considered a strategic base for Roman expeditions against Carthage.
The last of the Pelagian Islands is Lampione, the smallest one. It is uninhabited, and in fact the only mark left by man is the presence of a lighthouse that is also the origin of its name.

Population: 6,500+
Best Known For: Award Winning ‘Rabbit Beach’
Nearest Airport : Lampedusa Airport
Nearest Ferry Port : Port of Lampedusa or Linosa

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