The Fascinating History of an Ancient Greek City

Syracuse is one of the most important treasure of Sicily.

Syracuse is an enchanting UNESCO protected city and for this reason it provides a unique testimony to the development of Mediterranean civilisation over three millennia. The populations that invaded this area chose it especially for its natural beauty and strategic geographic location.

Syracuse was initially built on an ancient Greek settlement. Nowadays, while walking down the narrow streets of this city, the signs of the different cultures that used to live here can be seen in  the many different sites that still remain standing such as temples, amphitheatres, castles and churches. It looks like time has stood still between the medieval and baroque period here in Syracuse. Folklore and tradition is precious for the locals and as a tourist you will easily catch a glimpse of it in every corner. Syracuse, with plenty of sightseeing, shopping opportunities and delicious food, is the perfect holiday destination for all ages.

Population: 405,000+
Best Known For: UNESCO-protected city
Nearest Airport : Catania Airport
Nearest Ferry Port : Port of Syracuse

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