Province of Ragusa

Acate is a charming ancient village in the Province of Ragusa.

This village has ancient origins dating back to the Prehistoric period. Some archaeological digs have uncovered furniture, huts and a massive funerary altar from the Bronze age. The first named settlement of the area was the saracen hamlet of Odogrillo also known as Borgo di Biscari.
According to the local history, the birth of the village of Acate is connected with the baron Guglielmo Raimondo Castello who started building the castle and the first cluster of houses in 1478.

The most important monuments of this tiny village are:
the Church of Madre San Nicola di Bari, completely rebuilt after the violent 1846 earthquake; the Castle of Biscari, located in Piazza Libertà, was built by Guglielmo Raimondo Castello to protect his settlement;the Church of San Vincenzo, close to the castle it holds  the relics of San Vincenzo the protector of the village and the Convent of the Capuchin Friar, built in 1737, it hosts the Ancient Communal Library of Acate.

People live here:

Typical food:
I baddotti di riso, a typical local dish cooked to celebrate the San Giuseppe, the patron saint of Acate;
Mitilugghie dolci: (pasta di pane fritta e zuccherata);

Sagra del Pesce a Marina di Acate;
Sagra della Mitilugghia: this festival is dedicated to the “Mitilugghia” a typical recipe of this tiny village;
Festa dell’Uva a Acate

How to get there:
By Car:
Take SS115 Trapani-Siracusa, exit Vittoria.
Or SS194-514 Catania-Ragusa, exit Chiaramonte Gulfi


Country House Il Carrubo

Agriturismo La Maddalena

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Pizzeria La Picozza
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Ristorante La Tavernetta
SP Acate Drillo, 97011
Ph. +39 0932 874001;

Koas Pub Panineria Pizzeria Indipendenza, 40, 97011
Ph. +39 0932 990100;

Pit-Stop Pizzeria Panineria
Via Roma, 73, 97011
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Pizzeria Del Corso Indipendenza, 39, 97011
Ph. +39 3273230778;

Marina di Acate
Punta Braccetto
Punta Secca
Marina di Ragusa

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