Aci Catena

Province of Catania

Aci Catena is a small village rich in history and cultural attractions.

The village of Aci Catena has ancient origins as testified by the recent archaeological digs which uncovered some clay pots, amulets, weapons and stone tools for farming dating back to the Prehistoric Age. The most important monuments of the village are the Santuario Maria SS della Catena which was characterized by three naves and a Latin cross plan. The interior includes a majestic main altar enriched by a group of beautiful sculptures made in the 16th century and the Mother Church of San Filippo, erected with three naves and doric columns enriched by impressive decorations made with the precious limestone from Syracuse. Close to the village it is possible to visit the Archaeological Area which displays the ruins of an ancient Roman Thermal Baths with the Frigidarium, Tepidarium and Calidarium showing the the same characteristics of the thermal baths of Pompeii and Ercolano.

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Festa Madonna SS della Catena (15/08) traditional holy festivity

How to get there:

By Car:

From Catania

Get on S.S. 114 or A18, exit Acireale

From Messina

Get on A18, uscita Acireale

From Palermo

Get on A19 and take A18, exit Acireale

By Train:

Get the regional trains from Catania, Messina and Palermo to Acireale


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Blue Panorama

Al Borgo di Sciacca


Al Peschereccio

Via Vampolieri, 61, 95022 Aci Catena CT, Italy

Mobile: +39 334 2705089

Terra di Aci

Via Madonna del Sangue 61A-61B, 95022 Aci Catena, Sicily, Italy

Ph. +39 0955870630

50 Sfumature di Gusto

Via Santi Bonaccorsi 8/38, 95024 Aci Catena, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0956788576

A Carretteria 

Via Santa Barbara, Aci Catena CT, Italy

Ph. +39 095 296 5781

Antica Trattoria Reitana

Via Reitana, 58/60, Aci San Filippo, Aci Catena CT, Italy

Ph. +39 095 870849

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