Aci Trezza

Province of Catania

Aci Trezza is built in a magic and evocative location, as Omero described it.

The origins of the charming village of Aci Trezza are dating back to the eighteenth century, when the Prince of Campofiorito bought the land building the first old town centre. However, in the town’s territory it is still possible to see a small bastion, a square building with two floors, that might have been built in a previous era. This kind of buildings, made using the igneous stone of Volcan Etna, might have been used in the past as small forts. Aci Trezza is built in a magic and evocative location, as Omero described it. The town offers incredible cultural attractions to its visitors. The first one is the Museum Casa del Nespolo, an old house in the old town centre that contains set photos, posters and other material from the movie “I Malavoglia”, directed by Luchino Visconti and based on the novel of the same name written by Giovanni Verga. The movie was filmed in Aci Trezza in 1947, and the cast was made only of actors chosen among the town’s population. The museum also includes “La stanza dei Malavoglia” (the Malavoglias’ room) which displays a permanent exhibition of some material regarding the life and habits of the sailors that inhabited the town during the nineteenth century, including a collection of ancient work tools and everyday life objects. The most interesting part of the exhibition are the pictures of the town taken by Giovanni Verga and its hand-written letters to his brother Pietro.

The Faraglioni, (the sea tacks) the same ones that in the Odyssey are described as “the island of the Cyclops”, protect the town from the sea and offer a breath-taking view on the coast and on its wonderful black volcanic sand, that ends up merging with the blue, crystal clear sea.

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Festa San Giovanni Battista, the patron saint of the village (24-25/06)

Sagra del Pesce Spada, Swordfish Food Festival, (10-12/07)

Christmas handmade market

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on A19, exit Fontanarossa Airport and take SS114, exit Aci Trezza.

From Messina

Get on A18, exit Casello di San Gregorio, Aci Castello-Riviera dei Ciclopi.

From Catania

Get on Tangenziale to Messina, exit Catania Est and take SS 114 to Messina, exit Aci Trezza.


Grand Hotel Faraglioni  4*

Marina Palace Hotel Spa & Congress Hall  4*

Hotel Eden Riviera  3*

Malavoglia Inn Hotel  3* 

B&B Oasis  3* 

B&B La Scivola Rooms

Sicilia’s Residence

B&B Il Borgo di Aci  3*

La Magnolia  Apartment

Via Litteri 30, Aci Trezza

Mobile: +39 320 211 1295

B&B Acitrezza  3*

B&B Stella Marina 3*

Casa Vacanza Aci Trezza 

Via Litteri 1


Gran Cafè Solaire 

Indirizzo: Via Provinciale, 81

Mobile: +39 345 1656822

Alla Vecchia Fontana

Ristosnack Pistorio

Lungomare Ciclopi 187, 95021 Acitrezza, Aci Castello, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 348 7620584

Caffè Visconti 

Piazza Luchino Visconti, 1/2

Ph. +39 095 277962

Streetfood Live Restaurant

Piazza Campo Fiorito, 5

Mobile: +39 3452175320

Ristorante/Pizzeria Melino’s

Via Provinciale n318 Aci Castello

Ph. +39 095 276966

Le Muse

Via Provinciale, 216, 95021 Acitrezza, Aci Castello, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 095 277089

Osteria dei Marinai

Via Lungomare Dei Ciclopi, 185, 95021 Aci Castello CT

Ph. +39 095 277921

Ristorante Il Molo di Trezza 

Pizzeria Luna Rossa 

Ristorante Il Covo Marino 

Trattoria Il Nespolo

Via Provinciale 274, Acitrezza, Aci Castello, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 3312708729

Gente di Mare

Via Dietro Chiesa, 20, 95021 Aci Castello CT

Ph. +39 095 817 8781

Pizzeria Vecchia Marina

5 Ristorante Pizzeria

Via Provinciale, 140, Aci Castello CT

Mobile: +39 329 312 2956

Trattoria da Federico 

Ristorante Pizzeria Lachea

Piazza G. Verga, 1

Ph. +39 095276833

Ristorante Eden Riviera

Ristorante Pizzeria Polifemo

Via Enzo Maganuco, 2

Ph.+39 095 276814


the Black beach has volcanic origins and is made of gravel and rocks.


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