Acquaviva Platani

Province of Caltanissetta

Acquaviva Platani offers a picturesque atmosphere enriched by its monuments and its incredible natural environment. 

The tiny and charming village of Acquaviva Platani was founded in 1635 by Don Francesco Spadafora. The name of the village derives from the Latin words Aqua and Viva related to the abundance of springs of its territory. Later in 1862 the name Platani was added to the name to honour the closest river of the village. This charming tiny village offers a peaceful and picturesque atmosphere enriched by its monuments such as the Palazzo Ducale, the baronial residence of Caterina Spadafora built in 1680, and the Mother Church of Maria SS. della Luce. The Clock Tower was erected in 1860 by the Sicilian engineer Lazzaroni with local limestones, and is considered the symbol of Acquaviva.

In addition, visitors can discover the Emigration Museum is formed by three rooms: the first is “The Mines” where you can find a collection of picture displaying the miners and the ancient population. The second room “The Departure” is dedicated to the emigration and displays trunks, suitcases and antique clothing belonged to all the families who departed from the main ports of the island to find a better life in other countries. The third room “Work abroad” includes photographs, letters, documents and passports of Acquaviva’s emigrants. This room also shows the Acquavivese Community in America, Belgium, France and Great Britain and the photos of some of the most important ancient commercial activities of the village such as “Orlando” Hotel, “La Concordia” and “La Zingarella” restaurants.

Emigration Museum (Museo dell’Emigrazione)
Opening Times:
Monday – Thursday  9:00 to 14:00 and Friday 9:00 to 13:00

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Festa di Maria SS. Annunziata ad Acquaviva Platani – “A Madonna di li salinari”, it is a traditional holy festivity which takes place in August

Festa del patrono SS. Crocifisso, it is a traditional holy festivity

Festa della Madonna delle Grazie, holy festival

La Breccialfiorata it is a festivity which takes place during the Corpus Domini period. (27th of May to 30th of May)

The Breccialfioerata is a colorful cultural event organized on the occasion of Corpus Christi,prepared by a group of volunteers and supported strongly by the Town Council, the Parish Holy Mary of the Light and the Proloco town.

It is covered with panels Breccia and manually drawn with meticulous attention to detail and the details; some streets of the town of Acquaviva Platani will be covered with these works of art,  and ornamented with floral decorations even those created by hand, through fabrics and ribbons, by the skilled hands of a group of volunteer ladies .

During the event will alternate liturgical moments and musical and concert moments.

How to get there:

By Car: 

From Caltanissetta

Get on SP23 Caltanissetta-Acquaviva to Mussomeli, then continue to Acquaviva Platani.

From Palermo

Get on SS 189 to Agrigento, after 90 km get the crossroads to Acquaviva Platani, SP 23 Acquaviva-Caltanissetta

From Agrigento

Get on SS 189 to Palermo, after 40 km get the crossroads to Acquaviva Platani, SP 23 Acquaviva-Caltanissetta

By Train:

From Caltanissetta Centrale Station get the train to Rocca Palumba and then the train Roccapalumba-Agrigento, stop Acquaviva Casteltermini.

From Palermo Centrale Station get the train to Agrigento, stop Acquaviva Casteltermini

From Agrigento Station get the train to Palermo and stop Acquaviva Casteltermini.


Country House Colle dei Venti

Country house Monte Caccione

Country House Monticelli

Country House Casale Margherita


Colle dei venti

Agriturismo Monte Caccione



San Leone

Porto Empedocle




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