Province of Catania

Adrano is a tiny village located in the Province of Catania rich in history and wonderful cultural attractions. 

Adrano has ancient origins dating back to the Neolithic period, but the most important tracks of its ancient history is connected to the Siculi domination who settled in the territories around Mount Etna founding the city of Mendolito, which is just 8 kilometers away from Adrano. All that remains of the old city are its walls, the gates and its necropolis. Dionigi, the ruler of Siracusa, founded Adrano calling the village with the name of the Siculian god of the war. This small town offers to its visitors many interesting attractions, such as The Norman Castle, founded by the Count Ruggero in 1070. The castle was built on the ruins of an Arabic building, of which remain only the two doors on the first floor that connect the two big internal areas of the castle. Nowadays the castle houses the Regional Archeological Museum, where it is possible to discover the history of the village and the civilizations that used to live in its territory during the different ages. The Mother Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was built by the Normans; its interiors have been enriched by majestic baroque decorations, two chapels and shining bricks from Valencia. The Monastery of Saint Lucia, considered as one of the most important historical monument of the village, was founded by the countess Adelasia. It was built to host the young and poor virgins of the town, who could take the vows and become nuns without having to pay any kind of fee, because the monastery owned lands, vineyards and many kind of cultivations that were sufficient for its autonomous maintenance.

Another main attraction of the town is the Bridge of the Saracens, which is one of the most beautiful examples of the Sicilian Middle Age construction. It has been resisting for about one thousand years to the powerful flow of water of Sicily’s main river, the Simeto. Its arches show an alternation of white and dark stones, and they have also been embellished by the latter Arabic domination, that added more details and decorations to them. The Castle of Solicchiata, built by Baron Don Antonio Spitaleri, has a slight medieval style. The castle was erected using igneous stones. It used to be a very important wine factory, and it still houses the machineries that were used for the production of the wine. Finally, in the Mendolito County, just 8 kilometers away from Adrano, can be found the larger and more evolved Greek city of Sicily: the Siculian city of Mendolito.

Adrano is famous for the celebrations dedicated to Saint Nicolò. Here it is possible to assist to the “flight of the angel”, a play that aims to recall the call to the skies of the young Nicolò. A young boy dressed as an angel is suspended on an iron wire set at a height of twelve meters from the ground. The wire is secured to the Palazzo Bianchi on one side and to the Mother Church to the other side. The boy then moves along the wire, suspended over the public, just like a real angel.

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Festa di San Nicolò Politi (2-4/08), traditional holy festivity

How to get there:

By Car:

From Catania

Get on  S.S. 121 to Paternò, and take S.S. 284, exit Adrano

By Train:

Ferrovia Circumetnea,stop Adrano


B&B Patty’s House

B&B Eurelios  2* 

Croce Vallone Agrihotel (Biancavilla)  3* 

Hotel Ristorante Paradise (Santa Maria di Licodia) 4* 

B&B Country House Corte Aragonese  (Santa Maria di Licodia) 


The Eagle Bar

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Stella del Sud Kebap

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Ristorante Hotel Paradise, Santa Maria di Licodia  4* 

Pizzeria Tre Archi

Via Noce 13, 95031 Adrano, Sicilia, Italia

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Le Grotte  (Biancavilla)

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