Province of Enna

Aidone offers an amazing view of Etna Park, the Nebrodi chain, the Catania plain, Syracuse and the Ionian Sea.

Considered as the ‘terrace of Sicily’, Aidone dominates the central-eastern part of the island. From this village there is an amazing view of Mount Etna, the Nebrodi chain, the Catania plain, Syracuse and the Ionian Sea. The name of the town derives from the Arab Ay-ndun meaning “higher water spring”. The town was founded on an Arab settlement by the Normans. In the following century Aidone had many different dominions like the Swabians, Aragonese, Castilians, and finally the Bourbons (1700 – 1860). This village offers interesting cultural attractions such as the Parish Church of San Lorenzo, a Norman Church damaged in the 1963 earthquake and then renovated with wonderful works of art, and the Castello di Pietratagliata located in the contrite Gresti, which it was an Arab watch tower.

Close to the village is an archaeological site of the ancient city of Morgantina, where you can admire incredible ruins dating back to 450 BCE.

How to get there:

By car:

From Palermo                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A19 Palermo – Catania, exit Enna, then continue on the SS 561 direction to Pergusa and then take SS 117bis to Aidone.

From Catania

A19 Catania – Palermo, exit Enna, take the SS 561 to Pergusa, then take SS 117bis to Aidone.

By bus:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    From Palermo

Terminal bus,

via P.Balsamo, 16

Autobus di linea Sais Autoline.

From Catania

Terminal Bus,

via D’Amico n.181

Autobus di linea Etna Trasporti.


B&B da Alfredo e Filippa

Counrty House il Drago

B&B L’Alternativa

B&B le Giare

B&B da Elisa


La Piazzetta del Museo

Largo Torres Truppia 5 | La piazzetta davanti al Museo Archeologico94010 Aidone, Sicily, Italy 

Mobile: +39 335 838 4585

Sorsi D’Autore

Address: Via Domenico Minolfi, 10, 94010 Aidone EN, Italy
Phone: +39 0935 86856

Vecchia Aidone

Address: Via Senatore Cordova, 90, 94010 Aidone EN, Italy
Phone:+39 0935 87863

Antichi Sapori Aidonesi

Address: Via Garibaldi 71, Aidone, Sicily

Mobile: +39 3388816040


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