Province of Trapani

Alcamo offers a series of cultural attractions that well represent the history and culture of this area.

Chosen by the Elimi, Roman and Byzantine empires for its strategic location, Alcamo it was called Alqamah by the Arabs who created the most important settlement of the city near the Castle. 
Throughout history the village has been always very politically active, even helping Garibaldi fight for the liberation of Italy in 1861.
Today this village offers two interesting museums that well represent the history and culture of this area. The wonderfully restored Castello Conti di Modica also houses an ethnographic and agricultural museum that exhibits local cultural history. The Castle is also an active venue for temporary exhibitions and cultural activities. The Museo di Arte Sacra is located inside the Basilica, and contains 150 pieces of art including paintings, sculptures and goldsmith from village churches dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. These works of art had been hidden in a nearby church after the earthquake of Belice in 1968, and were then rediscovered and exhibited in the museum. A museum so full of history that definitely deserves a visit!
The most important civil monument of the village is its main theatre, Teatro Cielo D’Alcamo. Built in the mid-nineteenth century it was considered a place of important cultural activities, and in 2001 it was renovated and renamed “Teatro Cielo d’Alcamo” in honour of the distinguished thirteenth-century Italian poet Cielo d’Alcamo. If you are interested in discovering more about the history of this amazing town you should visit the Ventimiglia Castle, the Church of St. Oliva and the Monastery of St. Francis of Paola.
Every year, Alcamo provides various festivals to promote food culture and traditions such as the Olive Tree Festival (Sagra dell’Ulivo).

Museo Castello Conti di Modica
Opening Hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Saturday 9:30 am -12:30am and 4:30pm – 7:30 pm
Sunday 4:30pm – 7:30pm

People live there:

Typical food:
Alcamo White wine
Maccheroni pasta

Maratonina cittadina “StraAlcamo” e “StraAlcamo Family & Co
, sport festival
Archeotrekking a Monte Bonifato, this festival is dedicated to Nature and Archaeology lovers who want to discover the incredible archaeological findings located in the area.
Sagra dell’ulivo, food festival
Cortiamo, Film festival

How to get there:

By Car
From Palermo
Get on Autostrada A-29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo exit Alcamo Est (64 km).

From Trapani
Get on Autostrada A-29 direzione Palermo exit Alcamo Ovest (52 km).

By Train
Alcamo Diramazione Station or Castellammare del Golfo station, direction Palermo-Trapani.

By Plane:
42 km from “Falcone e Borsellino” Punta Raisi Palermo airport
54 km from “Vincenzo Florio” Trapani-Birgi airport.
From the Palermo airport it is possible to reach Alcamo by train from Punta Raisi to Alcamo-Diramazione and than taking a cub to arrive at Alcamo.
There are cubs and bus shuttles from airports to Alcamo (For further information: Gabellone Viaggi e turismo, Viale Italia, 31, tel. +39 0924 505955).


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Bosco di Alcamo Nature Reserve
Alcamo marina

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