Province of Messina

Alì is a small medieval village famous for its incredible cultural attractions and its impressive nature reserve. 

The tiny village of Alì was founded in 1093 by Saracen. Later in the Medieval period the village was ruled by Roger the Norman and in the 12th century it was acquired by Pietro Fama. The most important monuments of the village are:

the Cathedral of Sant’Agata has a stunning carved and highly decorated facade; the Church of Santissimo Rosario, erected in 1624 by the Fama family, includes precious works of art dating back to the 16th century; the Church of Santa Maria del Bosco, located in a charming chestnut forest, was completely damaged by a violent fire in 1915; the Church of Anime del Purgatorio, built in 1717 by Giovanni Fiumara, has a wonderful main portal with lovely bas-reliefs dating back to the 18th century; the Church of Immacolata is the first church built in the village; the Church of San Giuseppe, placed in the old downtown centre, has a beautiful facade enriched by impressive decorations made with the local limestone; the Convent of Cappuccini and Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, built in 1574 by Girolamo da Città di Castello.

Close to the village it is possible to visit the stunning green area included in the Fiumedinisi and Monte Scuderi Nature Reserve.

People live here:



Festa di Sant’Agata (5/02) holy festivity

Festa di Santa Maria del Bosco, holy festivity

How to get there:

By Car:

From Catania

Get on A18 exit Roccalumera

By Bus:

Bus lines INTERBUS Alì Terme-Alì

From Messina

Get on Autostrada Messina-Catania exit Roccalumera. Take SS114, exit Alì Terme


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Alì Terme

Nizza di Sicilia

Itala Marina

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