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Aspra is part of the fascinating village of Bagheria located in the province of Palermo. This small village is well known for its Lungomare and its ice-cream production that’s made following an old tradition.
If you plan to visit to Aspra you should try and see the spectacular frescos painted by Renato Guttuso held in the main Church of the village. Inspired by the dark and severe faces of the hard-working inhabitants of Aspra, he painted several holy images using their somatic traits to represent Christ and the Saints. A very famous attraction is the sea procession of the Maria SS addolorata. The celebration takes place on the 15 of September and the festivities last for five days during which there are performances, games and lots of stalls serving fresh fish cooked with local recipes.
Aspra is also one of the most important producers of salted anchovies in Sicily.

People live here:
Aspra is included in the village of Bagheria

It is famous for:
the poet Ignazio Buttitta

Typical Food:
Traditional ice cream

Festa Maria SS Addolorata, it is an holy festivity (15/09)

How to get there:
By Car:
Messina- Palermo (20) Exit 15 Km from Bagheria Palermo
Palermo- Catania (A18)
Via Messina Marine (highway exit port – via Giafar)
Viale Regione Siciliana (entrance highway Pa – Me – Ct)

By Train:
Bagheria – Palermo

Aspra Mare Paese Albergo
Via Concordia Mediterranea 29

Villa Scaduto Residence
Corso Baldassare Scaduto, 9/11, 90011 Bagheria


La Torre D’Aspra

Paninissimo da Gaetano
Via Scordato 28, Aspra, Sicilia, Italia
Mobile: +39 389 7989703

Aspra beach

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