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Augusta is a wonderful tiny village which is rich in history and amazing cultural attractions. 

Augusta was founded by Augusto in 42 BC on the ruins of the first Greek colony, Megara Hyblaea. Completely destroyed by Barbarian invasions, Augusta was rebuilt by Federico II of Svevia who transformed this village in a strategic point to defend his reign. After the 1848 earthquake this village was totally reconstructed and it begun to have a massive importance in the Mediterranean with its naval bases. Visiting this charming tiny village you can discover lots of interesting cultural attractions such as the Archaeological site of Megara Hyblaea, which includes the most complete model of an ascent Greek colony dating back to the VIII century B.C.; the Museum of Piazzaforte, created in 1986, it holds all the testimonies of the most important battles happened in the village from ancient time to the II World War; the Svevo Castle, built in 1229, under the will of King Federico II. Over the times it became a crucial point to defence the colonies, in fact in 1500 Carlo II di Borbone enlarged the castle with four bastions, transforming it in a military fortress. When Italy was united in one country, it became a solar observatory and then a prison.
The most suggestive holy places of Augusta are the Church of Santa Maria Annunziata, the most ancient one, the Duomo of Madre di Santa Maria Assunta, built in 1644 with a Baroque style and the church of Carmine, the Church of San Giuseppe, the church of San Domenico e Convento dei Frati Domenicani. 
The charming lungomare of Augusta offers a fascinating belvedere where it is possible to admire an extended area of salt pan.

Close to Augusta it is possible to visit Brucoli and Agnone bagni, famous for their massive castle. The Castle of Brucoli is an Aragonese castle built in 1467 by Giovanni Cabasrtida from Barcellona who used this building as a terrible prison. The Agnone Castle is an unconventional site because it was built in the nineteen century with a Liberty style. It has been used as a venue place where the upper class organised events, sophisticated dinner and celebrations.

People live here:


Typical food:

The “Cudduri i San Brasi”, sweet doughnut

The “Vastuna ri San Giuseppi”, biscuits made with caramel, honey, almond and icing sugar

The “Panareddi cu l’ova” sweet bread

I “Cavadduzzi r’Apostoli” sweet bread with honey and icing sugar


Sagra della Salsiccia e dei Maccheroni (The Augustano Carnival) here it is possible to taste maccheroni pasta with tomatoes sauce and ricotta

Sagra del Pesce Fritto, Fried Fisch Festival

Sagra dei Sapori Medievali, this is a special Medieval Festival organised in September where it is possible to taste ancient medieval dishes.

How to get there:

From Messina, Catania, Palermo, Caltanissetta, Enna, Agrigento and Trapani

Take A 18 Catania – Siracusa – Gela, exit  Augusta – Villasmundo

From Gela and Ragusa

Take SS 115, exit Rosolini and then follow the A 18 Siracusa – Gela, exit  Augusta – Villasmundo


Albergo Kursaal

Piazza Castello 1

Ph. +39 0931 521 782

Euro Hotel

Contrada Monte Tauro

Ph +39 0931 983 388

Europa Club 

Contrada Monte Tauro località Acquasanta

Ph +39 0931 983 080

Hotel Ristorante La Cavalera

Contrada Cavalera (presso Monte Tauro)

Ph. +39 0931 997 414 -+39 0931 999 347

Hotel Venus Sea Garden 

Contrada Monte Amara

Ph. +39 0931 998 946

Hotel Villa dei Cesari &

Hotel Villa Marina

Contrada Monte Pergola

Ph. +39 0931 983 800

Motel Megara 

Ph. +39 0931 511 220 – Mobile +39 388 4125504 / +39 320 1455994

B&B Il Carmine 

Piazza Carmine 13

Mobile: + 39 349 1049129 / + 39 338 7554494

B&B San Domenico

B&B Ulisse 3 *

B&B Villa Nella

Contrada Cavalera (Via delle Mognolie 7)

Ph. +39 0931 998 489 Mobile +39 329 5422054


L’Antico Palmento 

S.P. 3 Augusta Villasmundo

Mobile +39 339 6522661 and +39 333 5924252

A Massaria

Address: Contrada Monte Tauro località Acqua Santa

Phone: +39 0931 998 686

Chateau D’Or

Contrada San Leonardo (SS 114 CT – SR)

Phone: +39 095 996 118

Destro Mignino

Via Umberto I 448

Phone: +39 0931 978 511

I Siciliani 

Via Roma 16

Phone: +39 0931 976 855

Via Principe Umberto 168

Phone: +39 0931 975 888

Il Ficodindia

via Sacro Cuore 4

Phone: +39 0931 993 580 and +39 0931 995 640

Il Vittoriano

Via Italia 284

Phone: +39 0931 511 251

La Dolce Vita

Contrada Correale (Presso S.P. 3 Augusta – Villasmundo)

Phone: +39 0931 982 050

Los Amigos

Contrada Cozzo Filonero (Presso S.P. 3 Augusta – Villasmundo)

Phone: +39 0931 991 140


Via San Lorenzo 20

Phone: +39 0931 521 746

Red Lions


Via Principe Umberto 152

Phone: +39 0931 524 001


Via Roma 40

Phone: +39 0931 978 099

Route 66 

Viale Italia 284

Phone: +39 0931 511 251

Trattoria Donna Ina

Contrada Monte Sant’Elena (presso il Faro Santa Croce)

Phone: +39 0931 983 422  fax +39 0931 998 727


Località balneare “Agnone”

Baia di Brucoli

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