Province of Messina

Brolo is a tiny medieval village located in the province of Messina.

The name Brolo derives from the Latin word “Brolium” which means “park”. According to the tradition the village was found by the noble family Primati di Sicilia in the 11th century around the Castle which was erected to protect the area from the violent pirates invasions.
The current old town centre was built by the marquess Longarino in the 17th century. The most important monuments of the village are the Mother Church SS. Annunziata, the Mother Church, erected in 1764 and the Castle, built in 1246, housed Princess Bianca Lancia, the future wife of Emperor Frederick II.

The old town centre also include the Museo delle Fortificazioni Marine and the Torture Museum. Thanks to its beautiful Lungomare and its restaurants and cafe, the village provides a lively night during the summer time.

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Borgo in Gusto (14/02) typical food festival

Festival del Gelato (05- 07/06) Ice cream festival

Sagra dell’Oro verde,(17/08) it is a food festival which celebrates the important production of pistachios

Festa della Madonna Addolorata Luminaria del Lacco is an holy festivity dedicated to the Patron Saint of the village

MAREvigliosa, typical food festival

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Hotel Costa Azzurra 3*     

Via Marina, 72, 98061Sicilia, Italia

Gattopardo Sea Palace Hotel 3*  

Camera a Sud

via Carrubera 40, 98061 Brolo, Italia

Riviera del Sole Hotel 4* 

Calanovellamare Villaggio 3* 

Residence Bianca Lancia Residence 3* 


Trattoria Ramon

Modi Luxury Bar


Via Trento, 21, 98061 Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: 0039 349 316 5286

Central Bar

Via Vittorio Emanuele 87, 98061 Brolo,

Sicili Pasticceria Antonio Raffaele 

Via Rossini, 2, 98061 Brolo, Sicilia, Italia

Nord Sud

via J. Kennedy, 25, Brolo, Sicilia, Italia

La Quercia Ristorante

Stabilimento Balneare Maracaibo Beach

Ritrovo Stella del Mare


Its coastline

Capo D’orlando

Gioiosa Marea

Capo Calavà

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