Province of Agrigento

Caltabellotta includes four ancient necropolis which testify the presence of an ancient Sicani village.

The village of Caltabellotta was conquered by Greeks, Normans, Arabs and Byzantine. The necropolis (Necropolis of Cappuccini, Necropolis of San Marco, Necropolis of San Paolo, Monte delle Nicchie) discovered near the village, testify the presence of an ancient Sicani settlement dating back to the Bronze Age. The name of the village comes from the Arab word “Qal’at-al-ballut” which means “the fortress of the oaks”. After the Arab domination, Normans conquered the area building the Castle where Federico II d’Aragona and Carlo di Valois signed a peace treaty during the Sicilian Vesper.
The most important cultural attractions of the village are:
the Church of Pietà,characterized by a Bizantine style, is located on the top of the Kratas rocks offering a wonderful panoramas where visitors can discover a charming archaeological area; the Church and Convent of San Pellegrino, built in the 18th century has a wonderful Baroque facade; the Church of Montevergine Sant’Anna, is considered a very important holy place honoured by villagers; the Castle, built by Normans in 1090, offers a stunning view of the island and its natural environment.

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Dedalo Festival(31/07-1/008) Independent Music Festival

Festa di Maria SS dei Miracoli(25-28/07)Holy festivity

How to get there:

By Car:

From Agrigento

Get on SS115 to Sciacca-Trapani, later take SP36, exit Sant’Anna. Follow SP37, exit Caltabellotta.

From Palermo

Get on SS624 to Sciacca, exit Sciacca-Caltabellotta.


Country House Le Zafare

B&B Le Foglie D’Argento 3*                                                                                                                                        

B&B Sotto Le Stelle

Hotel Le Querce 3*

Le Cupole Apartment (Sciacca)

Costa Makauda Residence 2*  (Sciacca)


Ristorante M.A.T.E.S                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Via Roma, 29

Ph.+39 0925 951444

Country House Le Zarafe

Ristorante Pizzeria San Pellegrino

Via San Pellegrino S.N.C

Ph. +39 0925 951496

Ristorante Pizzeria Il Giardino del Gusto

Via Roma, 184

Ph. +39 0925 953059

Pub Radazzo

Piazza Umberto I, 5

Ph. +39 0925 951114


Secca Grande beach

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San marco Beach

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