Campofelice di Roccella

Province of Palermo

Campofelice di Roccella is well know for its wide variety of delicious local foods.

Campofelice di Roccella was founded by the prince Don Gaspare La Grutta Gucci in 1699 near the mouth of the Roccella river. The old town centre has one hundred houses, fourteen shops and a Mother Church.
The most important cultural attractions of the area are:
The Ruins of Himera, the Greek colony established in 648 BC, where you can visit the massive Victoria Temple; the Antiquarium Himera Museum includes some of the main findings of the Greek village such as mosaics, amphorae, coins and friezes; The Mother Church, built in 1700 by the prince of Roccella Don Gaspare La Grutta Gucci, is dedicated to Santa Rosalia.

People live here:


It is famous for:

The political activists Cesare and Salvatore Civiello

Typical food:

Pupa cù  l’ova (biscuit with egg)

San Martino biscuits (cookies made with fennels)

Buccellati (biscuits stuffed with fig and almonds)



Grilled artichoke cooked with garlic, mint, salt and oil

Legumes fritters

Citrus Salad with lemons and oranges

Peach and red onions salad

Sardines stuffed with breadcrumbs, parsley, garlic, salt, pepper, cheese and scratched eggs

Pasta with squid ink and fennels

Pasta with broccoli incasciata

Pasta with bean cream

Omelette with wild asparagus

Cassatelle sweet made with ricotta and cinnamon

Cassatelle sweet made with chickpea cream

Panuzza (a type of bread made with fennels)

Sphinxes (sweet)


Vampe di San Giuseppe, (18-19/03)

How to get there:

By Car

From  Palermo

Get on A20 exit Buonfornello / Campofelice di Roccella


Acacia Resort  Hotel 4*

B&B Sosta dei Garibaldini

Hotel Torre Roccella

B&B Porta delle Madonie

B&B Belvedere 

via Imera, 4, 90010 Campofelice di Roccella PA

Mobile: +39 346 102 0165;

B&B Feudo Gargidicenere

Dolcestate  Hotel 4*


Ristorante Don Gaspare 

Via Salvatore Cipolla, 31, Campofelice di Roccella PA

Ph. 0921 933881

Geodeus Beach I

Contrada XIV Salme, 14, Campofelice di Roccella PA

Ph. 0921 934236

Makanan Ristorante 

SS113 km 200+350, Campofelice di Roccella PA

Ph. 0921 933651

La Torre Di Elena Pizzeria 

Via Avvocato Cipolla, 37, Campofelice di Roccella PA

Ph. 0921 935441