Province of Palermo

Campofiorito is an ancient village which provides interesting summer festivals every year. 

The first settlement of Campofiorito dates back to the Greek period. Later it was completely destroyed by Arabs who rebuilt the new village calling it “Ballanūba”. The emperor Federico II of Hohenstaufen later destroyed the Arabs in the twelfth century, and founded this small village.
The most important monuments of this village are: the Mother Church, built in 1760; The Church of San Giuseppe, built in 1804; the Castellaccio Civic Museum of Campofiorito which includes the impressive findings from the Middle Age, collected in the area; The 18th century fountains; The Church of Santo Stefano; The Lavatoio Regina Elena which is a  well preserved ancient public thermal bath.

People live here:



Sagra della Fava, Bean Festival

Festa del Buccellato, food festival, here it is possible to buy and taste this typical Christmas dessert

The fiera del bestiame, Agricultural festival

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo

Get on SS624, SP4 and SS188dir/c to Via Giacomo Matteotti/SP12 in Campofiorito. Take Strada Provinciale 8/SP8, SP78, SS188, Strada Statale 118/SS118 and SS188dir/c to Via Giacomo Matteotti/SP12 in Campofiorito

From Trapani

Get on A29 Trapani-Palermo exit Partinico. From Partitico take the SP n. 2 to S.Giuseppe Jato and then the SP n. 4 to Corleone. Then follow SP188C exit  Campofiorito.


Country House Ridocco

Country House Il Bevaio di Corleone


Ristorante Pizzeria La Lanterna 

35, contrada Monsignor Cataldo Naro, PA 90030

Mobile: 0039 388 782 5607

Gerardi Nicolo’ Ristorante 

Contrada Parrina, Campofiorito, PA 90030

Ph. 091 846 6536;