Castellana Sicula

Province of Palermo

Castellana Sicula is a tiny village with a charming old town centre characterised by many interesting cultural attractions. 

Castellana Sicula was founded in the first half of the 17th century by a group of farmers who found a large fertile territory to start their production. Later, in the 18th century, the village was acquired by the Duke of Ferrandina, who built the old town centre of the current Castellana Sicula and gave it his Spanish wife’s family name (Castellana). The most important monuments are: The Church of S.Barbara, built in 1799 which includes impressive works of art made by the artist Bagnasco; The Church of S.Francesco di Paola; The Civic Museum located in the Archaeological area of Muratore, includes important finings dating back to the Romans and Meddle ages.

People live here:



Sagra del pane, food festival

Carnevale delle Madonie, the typical carnival of Castellana Sicula

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo and Catania

Get on A 19, exit Tremonzelli, Polizzi Generosa

By Train

The nearest stations are Palermo and Cefalù

By Ferry

The nearest ferry port is Palermo

By Bus

Autolinee SAIS from Palermo, Catania and Cefalù.

SAIS – via P. Balsamo , 16 – 90100 Palermo – tel. 091 / 6166028.


B&B Masseria Xireni

Country House Terra Vecchia

Country House Gelso 2*

Country House Donalegge al Castellazzo 

SS. 120  Castellana Sicula (PA)

Ph.+39 0921562289

Country House Villa Padura

Country House Villa Sant’Andrea

B&B  Villa Fiandaca

B&B La Madonnina 3*

Country House Feudo Tudia


La Spiga

Via Pio La Torre, 1

Castellana Sicula (PA)

Ph. +39 0921 642211


Villa Sant’Andrea

Contrada S. Andrea

Castellana Sicula (PA)

Ph. +39 0921 642111

La Fontana

Via Arno 42

Castellana Sicula (PA)

Ph. +39 0921 642518


Osteria Vin … .. Vito Mazzini, 16

Castellana Sicula (PA)

Ph. +39 0921 562129

Borgo dell’Eremo

Via Abruzzo n. 1 / A (Catalani)

Castellana Sicula

Ph. +39 3402498191


Belle Epoque

Viale Risorgimento, 13

Ph. +39 0921 642087

Natura in Tavola

Viale Cesare Battisti, 7 / 9

Ph. +39 0921 642880

Francesco Polito

Piazza Europa, 6

Ph. +39 3474432805

Rosalia Bar Cangelosi

Via Arno, 12

Ph. +39 0921 642048

Bar Giunta Gandolfa

Via Palermo, 6

Ph. +39 0921 642747

Rosticceria Troina Franco Mazzini, 29

Ph. +39 0921 562099

Mobile: 3496238563

Bar Atmosfera

Corso Mazzini, 104

Mobile: 350 516 5073

Bar Pasticceria Orlando Mazzini, 185

Ph. +39 0921642052

Pasticceria Ferruzza Luigi Mazzini, 129

Ph. +39 0921562135



Castel di tusa

Campofelice di Roccella