Province of Messina

Castroreale is a medieval town characterized by many charming ancient churches. 

Castroreale, historically named “Catrum Regale” by Federico II D’Aragona, is a medieval village which was found in 1092 by Goffredo Borrello. Later in the 14th century it was ruled by King Federico II D’Aragona who started the construction of its majestic castle. The most important cultural attractions of the village are the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, built with a Baroque and Manneristic style, includes impressive paintings made by some local artists in the 18th century. The church also displays an important sundial made between 1801 and 1896. The Church of Santissimo Salvatore and Torre Campanaria, built in 1560, includes beautiful Baroque stuccos and a marble altar made by Antonino Amato. The Church of Candelora includes a precious altar with golden decorations made in the 17th century; the Church of Santa Marina built in the 13th century; the Church of Sant’Agata contains impressive masterpieces created by the Sicilian artist Antonello Gagini in 1519; the Parish Museum displays a collection of sacred works of art; the Civic Museum exhibits an artistic itinerary which shows the artistic history of Sicily from 1400 to 1700.

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Sagra del Biscotto Castriciano o “da Badissa”, typical food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Messina

Get on A20 Palermo – Messina, exit Barcellona Pozzo di Grotto Take SP82, exit Castroreale.

By Train:

the nearest station is Barcellona P.G.-Castroreale


Farina  House Apartments

B&B Le due cantine

via S. Pietro, 9 Castroreale

Mobile: 0039 3297941420 – 0039 3393253927

Associazione Sinafia Apartments

Castroreale via Sotto San Pietro 2,

Mobile: 0039 3297407088

Country House Green Manors 5* 


Ristorante Bar Aquila di Scilipoti Antonino

Corso Umberto I – Castroreale

Ph. 0039 0909746039

Ristorante “Le due Cantine” 

via Monte Grappa, Castroreale

Mobile: 0039 3297941420

Pub- Pizzeria Gastronomia di Longo Carmelo

via 3 Novembre, Castroreale

Mobile: 0039 3345975056

Villa SalVenere Ristorante 

SP85, 98053 Contrada Caruso, Castroreale

Mobile: 0039 366 456 1870



Torretta spiaggia

Capo Tindari

Capo Calavà

Capo Milazzo

Gioiosa Marea



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