Cefalà Diana

Province of Palermo

Cefalà Diana is included in the wonderful Nature Reserve of Bagni di Cefalà and Chiarastella.

The first settlement of Cefalà Diana was founded by Arabs, the village then prospered under the Norman domination. Later the baron Nicolò Diana acquired the feudal town in 1684, and began the construction of the current old town centre. The most important cultural attractions of this tiny village are: The Arab – Norman Castle built between the 13th and 14th century; The Church of S.Francesco di Paola; The Church of Maria SS. Addolorata.
Close to the village it is possible to visit the Nature Reserve of Bagni di Cefalà and Chiarastella which includes the marvellous Arab Spa built in the 10th century AC. It is considered the unique well preserved example of Arab thermal bath in Sicily.

People live here:



The Celebration of the Patron Saint San Francesco di Paola, in August;

Festa di San Giuseppe (28-29/09).

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo

Take SS121 to Strada Provinciale 6bis/SP6bis in Villafrati. Take the exit toward Baucina/Ciminna/Ventimiglia di S. from SS121. Continue on Strada Provinciale 6bis/SP6bis. Take Strada Provinciale 77/SP77 to Piazza Umberto I in Cefalà Diana.

From Catania

Follow A19 to Provincia di Palermo. Take exit Tremonzelli from A19. Take Strada Provinciale 8/SP8 and SS121 to Piazza Umberto I in Cefalà Diana.


Country House Antica Masseria di Salvo


B&B Oleaster 



Kefala Ristorante

Contrada San Lorenzo

Cefalà Diana (PA)

Ph. 091 8270003

Donna Jna Ristorante

Contrada Passo dei Greci

Cefalà Diana (PA)

Ph. 091 8201110

Le Pigne Ristorante

SS. 121 Km. 228

Cefalà Diana (PA)

Ph. 091 8291600



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