Chiusa Sclafani

Province of Palermo

Chiusa Sclafani is a tiny village with a charming old town centre characterised by many interesting cultural attractions. 

Located on the top of the Mount “Omo Morto”, Chiusa Sclafani is a medieval village founded at the beginning of the 14th century by the count Matteo Scalfani. Thanks to its location placed between Palermo, Corleone, Sciacca and Ribera, Chiusa Scalfani was ruled by many feudal families such as the Scalfani, the Peralta, the Cordona, the Gioeni and the Colonna. The most important monuments are: the Church of San Sebastiano, built in the 18th century, is characterised by many impressive stuccos, frames and golden decorations; the Baroque Church of Santa Maria Assunta includes the amazing frescos of Fra’Felice da Sambuca; the Church of San Nicolò, built in the 14th century; the Church of Santa Caterina, built in the 18th century with a Baroque style; the Church of Sant’Antonio; the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, built in the 16th century; the Church of Annunziata,; the Castle built in 1300 by Giovanni Antonio Scalfani, the Santuario of the Madonna delle Lacrime, built in 1771 with a Baroque style; the Monti of Palazzo Adriano and Valle Sosio Nature Reserve, established in 1997, included in the Monti Sicani Park, preserves the oldest findings of Sicily dating back to the Paleozoico period. This reserve also includes the tiny hamlet of San Carlo.

People live here:


It is famous for:

The musician Mons. Giuseppe Liberto


Sagra delle ciliegie, Cherry Fest

Sagra delle Pesche, Peach Fest

Sagra dell’Olio di Oliva, Olive Oil Fest

Sagra della ranza e sciura, Arab Food Festival

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo,

Take SS 624 Palermo-Sciacca, exit Sambuca di Sicilia,continue on SS 188 exit Chiusa Sclafani;

From Ribera,

take SS 386, exit Chiusa Sclafani;

From Agrigento:

Take SS sud occidentale sicula, exit Sambuca di Sicilia, follow SS 624 Palemo- Sciacca and then continue on SS 188 exit Giuliana e Chiusa Sclafani;


B&B Il ciliegio

B&B Oscar dei sapori

Hotel Santa Venera 3*


Oscar dei Sapori

La Collinetta Ristorante Pizzeria Pub

C/da Rizza snc, SS188, snc, 90033 PA

Mobile: +39 338 681 2512




Porto Palo

Eraclea Minoa

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