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Comiso is a charming village with lots of fascinating holy places framed by a stunning natural environments.

Settled in 2.500 AC, the tiny village of Comiso was founded by a colony of Siracusani. Then it was conquered by Normans and Aragonesi. After the violent 1693 earthquake the village was completely rebuilt under the jurisdiction of the Naselli family. This charming village has lots of fascinating holy places such as the Duomo di Santa Maria delle Stelle, built in the XV century on the ruins of its ancient predecessor; the Basilica Maria SS.Annunziata, characterised by a neoclassical style, was built 1772 -1793 and designed by the famous Sicilian architect G.B. Casino Vaccarini. Other interesting churches are the Santuario di San Francesco all’Immacolata, Chiesa di S. Biagio, Ex Chiesa del Gesù (o di San Filippo Neri), Chiesa S. Maria della Grazia (detta dei Cappuccini). The Pagoda of Comiso, known as Peace Pagoda, is one of the few pagodas built in Europe. It is 16m high with a diameter of 15m and has the classic look of the Indian stupa characterised by the round dome shape. Furthermore the Castello dei Naselli d’Aragona is one of the most charming castles of this area. Built in 1497, risen on the ruins of a medieval castle it holds incredible Byzantine frescos.

Comiso also has a Natural History museum that displays 10,000 fossils and many rare minerals, shells and insects.

If you are passionate about the ancient civilisation, you can visit both the Cava Porcaro early Christian catacombs, and the Fountain of Diana, where you can admire the original Tepidarium, Alveus and the Calidarium, along with a beautiful mosaic made of white and black basalt stones.

People live here:


It is famous for:

The painters Andrea Giovanni Lo Bianco known as “il Comiso”, Salvatore Fiume, Nunzio Gulino, Biagio Brancato;

The archaeologist Biagio Pace;

The general Salvatore Pelligra;

The writer Gesualdo Bufalino


Sagra della Vendemmia di Pedalino, food festival

How to get there:

By car:

SS 514 Ragusa-Catania;

SS 115 Agrigento-Siracusa.


Hotel Villa Orchidea 4 *

Hotel El Homs Palace 4 *

Hotel Cordial 3 *

Country House Tenuta Margitello

B&B Terrazzani Suite

B&B Baron House

B&B Abraxia

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B&B Al Teatro


Antica Comiso

Al Castello di Beatrice

Via S Biagio, 38, 97013 Comiso, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0932 1910981 Mobile +39 339 6507772


Archi ri ronna Pippa

Piazza Fonte Diana, Comiso, RG 97013, 97013

Ph. +39 0932 1913153  Mobile +39 389 0005943

Tocco d’Oro

Bar Sport

Piazza dell’Erbe, 5, 97013 Comiso RG

Ph. +39 0932 721016

Ristorante Disio

La Piazzetta

Via XXV Luglio, 355, Pedalino, Comiso RG

Ph. + 0932 729066  Mobile +39 339 2606193

Diana Food & Drink

Intorno al Giardino

Via Monsignor Rimmaudo 32/36, 97013 Comiso RG

Ph. +39 0932 1910347  Mobile +39 331 2668181

Pizzeria Why not?

Via Antonio Gramsci, 12, Comiso RG

Ph. +39 0932 729869

La Borgatella

Tenuta Margitello

Agriturismo Sugarelle

Trazzera Canicarao, 97013 Comiso RG

Ph. +39 339 2024382



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