Contessa Entellina

Province of Palermo

Contessa Entellina is famous for the Entella Cave and its Antiquarium. 

The origins of Contessa Entellina village is dating back to the 15th century when a group of Albanian founded a new settlement on the ruins of the Casale di Comitissa.  The Albanian introduced important new cultivations in the area such as the wheat, vine and olive trees in 1500, so the economy of the village prospered including the feudal towns of Contesse and Serradamo. The most important monuments of the village are: the Church of SS.Annunziata dedicated to S.Nicola and built in 1520; The church of Anime Sante del Purgatorio; The Church of S.Rocco; The Church of Regina del Mondo; The Church Odigitria built by Albanian and then renovated in 1958; The Church of Santa Maria del Bosco, built in the 13th century.  The Castle of Calatamauro built in 1282 with a Bizantine style; the Antiquarium di Entella, which is an archaeological museum displaying the most important artefacts of the area.
Close to Contessa Entellina it is possible to visit the Entella Cave, located on the Rocca di Entella (557 m above the sea) includes the ruins of an ancient city built by Elmi. Here it is possible to admire impressive stalactite and stalagmite.

People live here:


Typical Food:

Bucatini con la mollica,

Frogia, a typical sweet

It is famous for:

The poet Nicolò Chetta,

The vicar Spiridione Lojacono,

The poet Antonio Cuccia,

The hieromonk P. Lorenzo Tardo,

Prof. Giuseppe Schirò,

The poet Leonardo Lala “Narduci”


Sagra del Grano, food festival;

Sagra della Ricotta food festival that takes place in April;


Hotel Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco

B&B Rocca dei capperi 3*

Farm House Pizzillo   

Località Pizzillo – 90030 – Contessa Entellina (Palermo)

Ph.+39 091.8355761 – +39 091.6259620- +39 338.2729511- +39 338.9901101


Ristoro Calata Mauro

Agriturismo Rocche del Pomo


Tre fontane


Porto Palo


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