Province of Caltanissetta

Delia provides a wide variety of events and traditional festival in summer.

Delia has ancient origins dating back to the Arab period. Due to the massive presence of vineyard, Arabs called this village “Daliyah” which refers to the wine cultivations. The current old town centre was founded in 1271 and it displays the typical traits of the medieval town.

The most important monuments of Delia are the Sabuci Castle; the Church of Madonna del Carmelo, built in 1601 by Baron Gaspare Lucchese with a Neoclassical and Gothic style, is characterised by a huge main entrance made with the typical local white limestones; The Mother Church, built in 1300,  has a Neoclassical facade with a late Baroque entrance and ring bell; The Church of Sant’Antonio includes five impressive Baroque chapels with carved wooden altars.

People live here:



Festa dell’Immacolata, holy festivity (8/12)

The Carnival 

Festa della Bella Castellana, medieval festival

Presepe Vivente

How to get there:

By Car:

From Palermo

Get on A19 Palermo – Catania, exit Caltanissetta and then follow SS 640 to Agrigento, exit Sommatino

From Agrigento

Get on SS 640 to Caltanissetta, exit Canicattì nord – Delia


B&B Beatus

B&B Palazzo Bella

B&B Sicily Bike 3*

Country House Masseria del Feudo

Country House Caramazza

Country House Raffo

Country House Corte dei Monaci

Country House Coscio di Badia


Lucchese Restaurant

Osteria Al Canale

Address: Contrada San Calogero

Phone: +39 335 838 4250

Sicania SrlRestaurant

Address: Contrada Deliella

Phone: +39 0922 820897


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