Fiumefreddo di Sicilia

Province of Catania

Fiumefreddo is a tiny village located in the province of Catana which provides incredible cultural attractions. 

The foundation of Fiumefreddo is dating back to 1592. Later in 1600, close to the old town centre, rose a certain number of small workshops  that worked under the domain of the Prince of Palagonia. The new group of buildings was called “Puteddi” (“small workshops”) and the town spread around it.
Walking through this fascinating narrow streets, it is possible to see the Church of the Immaculate Conception, a wonderful church built with a Renaissance style and decorated with marvellous garnishes made using the typical white stone of Siracusa. The Corvaja Diana Palace is an example of  “villa-fattoria”,which was used both as a holiday residence and as a way for the landlords to control their properties. The villa‘s doors, the windows and the balconies were built using the black igneous stone that is typical of this area, and the effect that it gives to the building is very evocative. The Corvaja Diana Palace also has two courtyards. Its backyard is closed by a fence that was used to protect the house and to create an area where it was possible to do many different activities. On the northern side of the courtyard, facing the street, there is the Church of Saint Vincenzo.
Moreover Palazzetto Palminteri, also called “Castle of the Slaves”, because a very long time ago two turkish pirates were caught while they were trying to rob the town and kept inside the palace by the town’s population. The small towers built on the sides of Palazzetto Palminteri show on their outer walls the representations of eyes and ears, probably put there by the landlords to remind the farmers that their masters were always watching them, and that they had to work hard even when they thought that nobody was watching them.

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Cioccolatiamo(5-8/02), Chocolate festival

How to get there:

By Car: 

Get on A18 Catania-Messina or A20 Palermo-Messina, exit Fiumefreddo

By Train:

the regional trains stops to Fiumefreddo


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