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Floridia includes the fascinating archaeological ruins of the ancient city of Xiridia.

Floridia is a modern village which rises in the fruitful Anapo valley (109m above the sea). It was founded in 1628 by the dukes of Floridia, Flavia Bonaiuto and Lucio Bonanno Colonna, and after the 1693 earthquake the village was completely reconstructed.
Thanks to the archaeological study of Paolo Orsi today it is possible to admire the ancient city of Xiridia (the first name of Floridia) dating back to the native Sicilian period. During the Roman colonisation this tiny village was enriched with stunning aristocratic villas.
Floridia has lots of interesting holy places: Chiesa Madonna del Carmelo, Chiesa San Bartolomeo apostolo (Matrice), Chiesa Sant’Antonio, Chiesa Madonna del Carmine (soprastante l’antica Cripta), Chiesa Sant’Anna (soprastante la Chiesa Santa Flora), Chiesa Santa Flora (sottostante la Chiesa Sant’Anna), Chiesa Madonna delle Grazie al giardinello (origine spagnola), Chiesa San Francesco d’Assisi, Chiesa Santa Lucia, Chiesa Santo Spirito and Chiesa San Giovanni Bosco.

If you are interested in art and culture you can visit:

Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea, Museo etnografico Nunzio Bruno, Museo Francesco Lombardo di Giuseppe, Parco Storico Lucia Migliaccio.

People live here:



Ricotta Festival, it is created to promote the ancient local product known as “Ricotta Calda” (hot ricotta); 

Sagra degli “Ntuppateddi”, this festival was born with the aim to promote the local recipes made by snails

Sagra del Tonno, food festival about tuna

Notte Bianca, this is a special festival that takes place in August where there are lots of music performances, handmade markets and exhibitions

Sausage festival;

Motorshow Sicilia (Memorial “Salvo Failla”) fans of vintage motorcycles and cars can discover an incredible and massive collection of rare examples displayed in the downtown centre. 


Sagra del Pane, the bread festival celebrate the ancient baking tradition of Floridia.

How to get there:

From Messina and Catania

Take A 18 Messina – Catania, then continue on Tangenziale di Catania and take A 18 Catania – Siracusa – Gela, exit “Siracusa – Floridia – Solarino” (Siracusa sud), then follow SS 124 Siracusa – Floridia.

From Palermo, Caltanissetta, Enna, Agrigento and Trapani

take A 19 Palermo – Catania ed uscire allo svincolo “A 18 Tangenziale di Catania – Ragusa – Siracusa”, then continue on Tangenziale di Catania and take A 18 Catania – Siracusa – Gela, exit “Siracusa – Floridia – Solarino” (Siracusa sud), then follow SS 124 Siracusa – Floridia.

From Gela and Ragusa

take SS 115 fino a Rosolini, then A 18 Siracusa – Gela exit “Siracusa – Floridia – Solarino” (Siracusa sud),and then SS 124 Siracusa – Floridia.


Case del Feudo Hotel

Contrada Frescura, 96100 Floridia, Sicilia, Italia

Hotel Vittorio Emanuele


Agriturismo Cuore di Palme

Contrada Mirichicchio

Ph. + 39 0931 944 222

Agriturismo Don Mauro


B&B Crispi


B&B Floridia 3 *


B&B Il Gelsomino

Via Pietro Nenni 36 (interno 9)

Mobile +39 328 2635255 and +39 339 4918072

Bed n’Design




Via Francesco Crispi 9

Ph. +39 0931 944 447

Il Paradiso dei Golosi

Via Fratelli Cervi 12

Ph. +39 0931 944 910

Il Veliero

Via Paolo VI 121

Ph. +39 0931 940 576

La Dolce Sera


Mandy Ville

Traversa Passo Barone s/n

Mobile + 39 3298384444;

Pizzeria La Masseria


Pizzeria Del Valentino

Address: Piazza Umberto I, 21

Phone: +39 0931 940543

Restaurant Sesto Senso


Trattoria Siciliana da Russo 

Sebastiano Via Archimede 97

Ph. +39 0931 948 60

Van Gogh

Via Maesano 16

Ph. +39 0931 944 766

Vecchio Acquario

Via Alfieri 70

Ph. +39 0931 948 912


Arenella                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fontane Bianche                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Marina di Melilli

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