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Francofonte is a medieval village which is well known for its massive production of red oranges, also named “Tarocco di Francofonte”

Francofonte was founded in the second half of the fourteenth century by Artale Alagona, and was a moment of greatest prosperity for its citizens. But after the 1693 earthquake a period of great poverty and famine arose, which ended with the village being handed to the prince of Palagonia Francesco Gravina who made many improvements, enriching it with charming aristocratic buildings.
The village has plenty of interesting holy places: Basilica of Sant’Antonio Abata, the Mother Church of the village, the Church of the Ascent built in 1360, the Church of San Gerolamo which shows an amazing sixteenth clock, the Church of Carmine, the Church of Angelo Custode, the Church of Sant’Antonio di Padova where it is possible to admire its wonderful Goth main entrance, the Church of Santissima Annunziata, the Church of Santa Croce, the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi. The most important medieval icon of the village’s past is the Castle of Francofonte, also known as Castello Alagona, which survived after the violent earthquake. Close to the village it is possible to visit the Necropolis of Sicula di Monte Roccarazzo which includes some ancient artificial caves used as a rock cemetery in the Prehistorical period.

People live here:


Typical food:

“Tarocco di Francofonte”, a famous type of red orange


Sagra del Tarocco, it is the most important event organized by the village to promote the massive production of the red orange.

Fiera dell’Artigianato e del Commercio, it is an art and craft festival where it is possible to buy typical handmade objects.

How to get there:

From Messina and Catania

take A 18 Messina – Catania – Gela exit “Lentini – Carlentini”,then follow SS 198 Catania – Ragusa exit Francofonte

From Palermo, Caltanissetta, Enna, Agrigento and Trapani 

take A 19 Palermo – Catania exit “A 18 Tangenziale di Catania – Ragusa – Siracusa”, then take A 18 Catania – Siracusa – Gela exit “Lentini – Carlentini”, then follow SS 198 Catania – Ragusa exit Francofonte

From Gela and Ragusa 

take SS 115 exit Ragusa exit “Lentini – Carlentini”, then follow SS 198 exit Francofonte


Hotel Ristorante Villa Renna

Market Vitale Biagio Albergo

Via Roma, 92, Francofonte SR

Ph. +39 095 949762

B&B  “Rinaudello” Terra del Sole

Via Francesco Belfiore, 16

Ph. +39 095 948485


Caffè Letterario

La Tegola Via Nastro Azzurro 7

Mobile +39 380 9037749

Pub Explosion

Via Trapani 24

Mobile +39 333 6988933

Pub Le Bistrot

Via Combattenti 6

Mobile +39 338 2034493 and +39 392 0771655

Osteria Le Streghe

Via Verdi 5

Ph. +39 0957 843 493

Mobile +39 331 4106773

The Donegal Pub

Via Sebastiano Franco 64/a

Mobile +39 338 8349430;

Trattoria ‘A Rusticana

Contrada Passaneto

Mobile +39 334 9294522 and +39 3349294566



Capo S. Croce

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