Province of Messina

Funari is a tiny village included in the province of Messina with interesting ancient origins. 

The origins of Funari are dating back to the eighteenth century, when Filippo Furnari founded the first complex of buildings and the old town centre. Later in 1813, the village became a municipality with its own magistrates. The most important monuments of the village are the Church of Jesus and Mary; the Church of S.Antonio da Padova, built in 1500; the Church Madonna del Carmine, located on a panoramic hill, was built in 1547 including a wonderful chapel with an Arab style; the Mother Church, erected in the 17th century, includes precious paintings from 1630; the Teatro Comunale, built in the 17th century, is the main theatre of the village.

People live here:



Il Salone del Cavallo a Portorosa di Furnari, horses fair

Sagra dell’Olio, food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

Get on A20 Messina – Palermo,exit Falcone

By Train:

Get the regional trains and stop to Novara-Montalbano-Funari


La Casa di Mariù 

VOI Baia di Tindari Resort 4*    

Hotel Portorosa Village 3*  

Country House La Camelia 4*    

Blu hotels 4*  


Ristorante La Plaza  

via presti paolo portorosa, 98054 Funari, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile:0039 347 647 2173

Deja vu Furnari  

ctr Saiatine, Furnari, Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: 0039 320 4111411

Yacht Club

Centro Commerciale Portorosa, 98054 Funari, Sicilia, Italia

Ph.0039 0941 874467

Ristorante La Cantina Giardino D’Estate 

Via Presti Paolo 1,98054 Funari, Me

Ph. 0039 0941 874128

Agora Ristorante  

Portorosa, Funari, Me 98054

Ph.0039 0941 874440




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