Galati Mamertino

Province of Messina

Galati Mamertino is a medieval beautiful village in the province of Messina.

The village of Galati Mamertino was founded in the Middle Age by the aristocratic norman family Camuglia. Later in 1320 the feudal town was acquired by Blasco Lancia who built the current old town centre.

The most important monuments of the village are the Church of S.Caterina; the Church of S. Luca; the Mother Church which was built in the 15th century with a Renascence style; the Church of Rosario, built in 1530; the Santurario di Trofillo, built in the 20th century.

The village also includes the Ethno-atropological museum which displays the cast of a dwarf elephant who used to live in Sicily over 200.000 years ago and the Prince Palace which is a wonderful building erected in the 16th century.

Close to the village it is possible to discover the charming Catafurco waterfalls and the Capriolo area, a natural area where are preserved a group of roe deers coming from the Boschi di Carrega park.

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Mountain Bike Festival 

How to get there:

By Car:

Get on A20 Palermo-Messina exit Rocca di Capri Leone. Take SS113 to Messina; exit Galati Mamertino


B&B Al Palmento  

Country House Margherita 

La Casa del Baco 3* apartments

Contrada Parrazzi 98070 Galati Mamertino (ME)

Ph.0039 0941 434951


Trattoria, Pizzeria “La bettola” dal 1964 

Via Cavour 159

Ph. 0039 0941434952

Ristorante “La falda” 

Via Galini 90 – San Basilio

Ph. 0039 0941436056

Agriturismo Margherita

Gastronomia “Degusto” 

Via Cavour 155

Ph. 0039 0941435203


B&B, Ristorante “La Rotonda” 

Pizzeria, “Super Mario” 

Via Risorgimento snc

Ph.0039 0941434001 Mobile: 0039 347 8638515

Ristorante, Pizzeria “La Fenice” 

Piazza Luigi Pirandello – San Basilio

Ph. 0039 0941434330 Mobile: 0039 3478846181


Capo D’orlando

Sant’Agata di Militello

Gioiosa Marea

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