Province of Ragusa

Giarratana is located in the province of Ragusa and has incredible ancient origins.

The tiny village of Giarratana has ancient origins, probably dating back to the Roman period. Goffredo the Norman dominated this town until the 1195 when the emperor Arrigo VI gave the castle to Rinaldo Acquaviva.

As well as many of the nearby towns, this charming village was completely destroyed by the 1693 earthquake. The most important attractions of the village are some beautiful churches such as the Chiesa of San Bartolomeo, rebuilt after the earthquake, it shows the typical Sicilian Baroque style; in the Basilica di Sant’Antonio visitors can admire the beautiful representation of the Madonna delle Nevi; and the Chiesa Madre di Maria Santissima Annunziata e San Giuseppe, considered the most ancient church of the village. Furthermore there is an Open Air museum that was created in 1997 to promote the history of this amazing village, saving costumes and customs of the 18th and 19th century. The Museo Ibleo dell’Emigrazione displays many documents (pictures, journals, magazines, films, etc) about the Sicilian emigration. There are two important archaeological sites near Giarratana, the Calaforno park which includes a necropolis and some ancient residences and the Archaeological site of Terravecchia considered by people as the Sicilian Pompeii.

People live here:


Typical food:

Torrone bianco, typical Christmas sweets


Sagra della Cipolla di Giarratana, Food Festival (the 14 of August);

Presepe Vivente di Giarratana, Christmas celebrations

Fiera di San Bartolomeo, holy celebration (the 21 and the 22 of August)


Residence Locanda Angelica

Holiday House La collina degli Iblei


Puoju re Disi Pizzeria

Locanda Angelica Le Due Palme



Punta Braccetto

Punta secca

Marina di Ragusa

Marina di Acate

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