Province of Catania

Giarre is a tiny village in the province of Catania where it is possible to discovered impressive cultural attractions.

The current village of Giarre was founded in the sixteenth century but its name derives from an Arab word which means “terracotta jar”. The village was included in the village of Mascali and it prospered after the violent 1693 earthquake of Val di Noto becoming a strategical point between Catania and Messina. Thanks to its important economic and cultural vitality, the village gained its autonomy in 1815. The most important monuments of the village are the Aquarium; the Mother Church, dedicated to Sant’Isidoro Agricola, which was built with three naves and a Latin cross plan. The interior includes numerous paintings of some famous Sicilian painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth century such as Pietro Paolo Vasta and it also preserves a valuable tapestry made with red velvet embroidered with gold thread; the Chiesa Gesù Lavoratore, built in 1979 in the Jungo district, holds a precious crucifix dating back to the 18th century which was made by Fra Umile and a baptismal font, made by Tino Barresi with limestone; the Church Oratorio San Filippo Neri is considered as one of the best example of Baroque architecture in the province of Catania.

People live here: 



Festa dell’Isidoro Agricola (15/05), it is an holy festivity dedicated to the patron saint of the village

La Domenica delle Arti (December), art and food festival

Sagra delle Ciliegie Rosse(July)food festival

Passeggiata Gente dell’Etna A Cavallo&Calesse (22/11) traditional festival

How to get there:

By Car:

Get on l’autostrada A18 Catania-Messina exit Giarre.

By Train:

Get the regional train from Messina to Siracusa, stop Giarre-Riposto


Etna Hotel 4* 

B&B di Charme Alhambra 

Villa Papardo 

La Fioriera dell’Etna 3* 

Casa Vacanza della Giara, apartment

B&B CasAnsaldo 

Villa Anna 

via Forlanini sn, Giarre, Italy

Mobile: +39 349 314 4974

B&B Baglio delle Rose 

B&B Bonanno 3* 


Gnam Gnam

Via luigi pirandello, Giarre, Sicily, Italy

Mobile: 00393312113181

Pizzeria Quattro Quarti 4*

Via Salvatore Quasimodo, 44, Giarre CT, Italy

Mobile: +39 347 934 1629

A Scialata Di Marcella Scavo 

Str. 85, Giarre, Italy

Mobile: +39 340 407 4117

Ristorante Antiche Botti

Via del Santuario, 5, 95014 CT, Italy

Mobile: +39 392 520 7135

La spiga 

Ristorante Borgo dell’Etna


Viale Delle Province, 125, 95014, Giarre, Sicilia, Italia

Ph.+39 095 932415

QB Quanto Basta 

Jazz Risto Pub

Via Raffaello Grasso, 16, Giarre CT, Italy

Ph. +39 095 094 9942

Sax Pub 

Via Vittorio Alfieri, 110/112, 95014 Giarre CT, Italy

Mondo Pasta s.a.s

Via Callipoli, 122, Giarre CT, Italy

Mobile: +39 347 521 0416

Antica Sicilia

Collina dell’Etna

via filippo meda 84 | san giovanni montebello, 95014, Giarre, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 095.96910

Officina Del Gusto Di Amore Francesco & C. S.A.S. 

Via Callipoli, 29,

Mobile: +39 095 932187