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Gibellina has a charming Mother Church which is considered the symbol of the old town centre.

The modern village of Gibellina was created after the violent 1968 earthquake, 11km from the original town centre known as Gibellina Vecchia. The Mother Church is considered the symbol of the town and was built in 1970 by Ludovico Quaroni with a modern and unconventional structure. The Piazza del Comune offers a beautiful view of the downtown centre thanks to a wonderful portico created by Vittorio Gregotti and Giuseppe Samonà. The square also hosts impressive white metal sculptures made by the artists Mimmo Rotella and Alessandro Mendini.

Located in the main square of the village it is possible to admire the Torre Civica, an impressive monument created by the famous designer Alessandro Mendini.

People live here:



Le Orestiadi, an international festival with theatre and music performances and art exhibitions

Sagra del melone giallo melon food festival;

Festa di San Giuseppe a Gibellina, it is an holy celebration where the main altars of the village are adorned with many traditional foods. It is considered one of the most important fest of the village.

Sagra della ‘Nfigghiulata, it celebrates the typical Foccia del Belice.

How to get there:

By Car:

From Trapani

take A29 to Palermo-Mazara, exit Mazara del Vallo and then continue to Gibellina.

From Palermo

take A29 to Trapani – Mazara

By Train:

From Trapani

By Bus:

AST line


B&B 1000 e una notte

B&B Gibellina 3 *

B&B Casa la dolce vita 3 *

B&B 3 * Luna Rossa

Via Nicolò Lorenzo, 3, 91024 Nuova Gibellina, Italia


La Massara – Servizi Ristorativi Di Distefano Angelo & C. S.A.S.

Via Vespri Siciliani, 29

Ph: 0039 0924 67871

Ristorante Pizzeria Due Palme 

Strada Statale Gibellina, 119, 91029 Santa Ninfa TP

Ph: 0039 0924 61044

Pizza Time S.A.S. Di Binaggia Vincenzo E C.

Viale Federico de Roberto, 1, 91024

Ph: 0039 0924 67799


Porto Palo & Lido Fiore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Triscina                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Castellammare del golfo

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