Province of Palermo

Giuliana offers an incredible landscape characterised by the Nature Rerserve of monte Genuardo and Santa Maria del Bosco.

Giuliana was founded in 1185 by King Guglielmo II il Buono. Due to the frequent barbarian invasions, the villagers moved up to the hill rebuilding the feudal town. The most important monuments of the village are: the Santuario of Maria SS. dell’Udienza, built in the 16th century includes a wonderful alabaster statue of the Madonna;the Matrice is the recent reconstruction of the ancient Cathedral built in the 14th century. The Church of the Collegio built in 1817; the Castle of Federico II is a charming well preserved Aragonese building; the Convent of SS Trinità.

Close to the village you can visit the wonderful  Nature Rerserve of monte Genuardo and Santa Maria del Bosco.

People live here:


It is famous for:

The Sicilian painter Giacomo Santoro

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo

Follow SS624 to Strada Provinciale 44/SP44 in Santa Margherita di Belice. Take the exit toward Montevago/Sambuca di S./S. Margherita B. from SS624. Follow Strada Provinciale 70/SP70 to SS188 in Sambuca di Sicilia.

From Trapani

Drive along A29dir/E933, A29/E90 and SS119. Get on SS624 in Poggioreale from Strada Provinciale 9/SP9. Continue on SS624. Drive from SS188 to Giuliana.

From Catania

Get on A19 to Provincia di Palermo. Take exit Tremonzelli from A19. Take SS120, Strada Provinciale 64/SP64, Strada Provinciale 8/SP8, SP78 and SS188 to Via S. Nicolo in Giuliana.

From Agrigento

Get on SS115 in Villaseta from Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Strada Statale 189/SS189 and Viadotto Akragas/SS115qtr. Merge onto SS115. Continue on Strada Provinciale 36/SP36. Take Strada Provinciale 47/SP47, SS386 and SP118 to Via S. Nicolo in Giuliana.

From Messina

Get on A20/E90 to Viale della Regione Siciliana Nord Ovest in Palermo. Take the exit toward Pa-Sciacca from E90. Follow SS624, Strada Provinciale 70/SP70 and SS188 to Via S. Nicolo in Giuliana.


B&B Il ciliegio

B&B Oscar dei sapori

Hotel Santa Venera 3*


Pizzeria Da Sebastian

Via Brigadiere Vincenzo Russo, Giuliana (PA)

Ph. 091 8357004

Delle Palme Pizzeria 

Largo Pompei, Giuliana (PA)

Ph. 091 8356870




Porto Palo

Eraclea Minoa

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