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Isnello includes incredible archaeological findings which testify its ancient origins. 

Called Hassinor by Greeks, Isnello has ancient origins dating back to the Prehistoric period. The archaeological digs undiscovered incredible findings in its wonderful ancient Karst caves: Chiusilla, Fico and Roccazzo Caves. Later Arabs conquered the area and named the village Menzil Al Hamar.
The most important monuments are: the Museum “Trame di filo”, textile and fabric museum; the Mother Church, dedicated to San Nicola the Patron Saint of the village, has three naves characterised by a 15th century style; the Church of San Michele, built in the 15th century, has a marvellous wooden ceiling and impressive frescos; the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, built at the end of the 14th century includes massive wooden works of art.

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Sagra delle Verdure Tradizionali e Antiche delle Madonie, food festival

Sagra della Frittella, food festival

Sagra delle Fave di San Pietro, religious and food festival


Hysnara Apartments

Via Di Maria 6, 90010 Isnello, Italia

B&B Madonie House 

via Sacerdote Conoscenti, 6, 90010 Isnello, Italia

Casa Dell’Oleandro Rosso

via Santa Maria 35, 90010 Isnello, Italia

Dimora dei frati, Villa 3*


Altavilla milicia


Termini Imerese

Capo Zafferano

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