Isola delle Femmine

Province of Palermo

Isola delle Femmine is known for its nature reserve and for the two charming towers built in the fifteenth century. 

Isola delle Femmine or Island of Women, is a town north of Palermo that shares it’s name with the small island located just off its coast. Today this place is known for its nature reserve and for the two charming towers built in the fifteenth century. One of them is located on the mainland and it was built during the Aragonese kingdom while the other one, Torre in Mare (the name derives from its position on the small island) dates back to the Roman period.
The village has a beautiful Mother church built in 1850, rich in amazing frescos and sculptures. Isola delle Femmine is a perfect location for summer holidays thanks to its amazing beaches and its many activities including diving, windsurfing and boat trips.

People live here:

It is famous for:
The baseball player Joe Di Maggio

Capo Gallo Nature Reserve

How to get there:
By car:
From Palermo
Get on A29 Palermo – Mazara del Vallo exit Capaci
It is also linked to Palermo by a Tube Station.

Hotel Saracen 3*

Hotel Bellevue del Golfo  3*

Hotel Sirenetta 3*

Hotel Conchiglia d’Oro 3*

Dal Barone Vincenti  Apartments

B&B Sul mare

Hotel Scogliera Azzurra

Hotel Eufemia  3*


Carlo Magno

Costa Filippo

Costa Corsara
Viale Marino

Trattoria da Franco
via lungomare

Viale Marino

Onda Blue
Viale dei Saraceni

This village has lots of fully equipped beaches.

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