Province of Ragusa

Ispica has many really interesting monuments and sites like Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the Cava d’Ispica.

Ispica has very ancient roots, in fact it has been inhabited by many, from Siculi to Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans therefore the houses’ details show this incredible passage of cultures. Ispica has many really interesting monuments and sites like Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, built with a Baroque style after the horrible 1693 earthquake, the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata, known for its artistic relevance and the stuccos by Giuseppe Gianforma, the Madre di San Bartolomeo Church and Madonna del Monte Carmelo Church. Nearby this area it is possible to find interesting archaeological sites as Cava d’Ispica, which is characterized by an amazing Mediterranean flora, it hosts the ruins of a prehistoric necropolis, Christian era catacombs and monks retreats, the Parco Archeologico della Forza where there are impressive prehistoric traces dating back to Bronze Age and lastly the Pantano Longarini, a salty lake area that worked as a port during Greek and Roman ages, also known as Ulysses Port. Finally, Palazzo Bruno di Belmonte is one of the most important liberty architecture example in all Sicily, and today serves as Town Hall.

People live here:
It is famous for:
The musician Giuseppe Bellisario (1902-1973);
The politicians Antonio Statella (1785 – 1864), Quinto Massimo Maria Bellisario (1935/1999), Salvatore Stornello (1924- 1997);
The poet and sculptor Salvo Monica (1917-2008);
The writer and journalist Luigi Capuana (1839-1915);
The painter Olivio Sozzi (1690-1765);

“Carotispica”: a Food Festival organised to promote the typical local food
“Zagara e rais”, Cultural Festival
“Notte dei sapori”, the festival promotes the local traditional agriculture and its typical products.
“Palio dell’Assunta” medieval festival
“Note di notte”, music festival

How to get there:
By car:
From Palermo motorway Palermo – Catania.
From Catania S.S.114 to Siracusa, continue along A18 exit Ispica.


B&B Ulisse 3 *

B&B Sikelia

B&B Agromonte

B&B Fortezza Bruno

B&B Valle Forno 3 *

B&B Il Gheppio 3 *

Hotel Torre del Mare 3 *

Hotel Principe di Belmonte 4 *

Hotel Torre Marabino 3 *

Hotel Mar Ispica 3 *

Hotel Palazzo Gambuzza 3 *

Country House Re Carrubo Sicilia

Country House Il Tenimento

Holiday House Casale Graffetta


Pizzeria Forno a Legna

Ristorante Il Giardino Dei Sapori Di Spadola Enzo
Ph. +39 0932 959323;

Pizzeria La Bella Lira
Ph. +39 0932 959303

Porto Ulisse
Santa Maria del Focallo
Pantano Bruno
Pantano Gariffi
Foce del Torrente Favara

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