Lercara Friddi

Province of Palermo

Lercara Friddi was the most important industrial centre in South Italy in the 19th century. 

The modern city of Lercara Friddi was founded in 1595 by Spanish. Thanks to the extraction of sulfur in 1828, the economy of this small village radically changed and its trades prospered as well as the population which increased becoming one of the most important industrial centre in South Italy. Lercara Friddi was also called “the Small Palermo”.The closure of the mine in 1969, dealt a serious blow to the economy, forcing lots of people to a mass exodus to other countries definitely abandoning the village.
The most important monuments of the village are:
the Mother Church, dedicated to Maria Santissima della Neve, was built between the 1702 and the 1721 with a Renaissance style;
the Church of San Matteo, built in 1686 has impressive works of art created with a Baroque style;
the Church of S.Antonio di Padova, built in 1688 with a beautiful facade is characterised by a Neo-Gothic style;
the Church of Maria Santissima di Costantinopoli, built in 1840;
the Church of S.Giuseppe, built in the second half of the 18th century by the princess Raffaella Scammacca Buglio with a Neo-Gothic facade and Baroque interior;
the Archaeological area of Colle Madore where it is possible to visit impressive ruins dating back to the 8th and 6th century BC;
the Church of S.Rosalia built in 18th century, The Chapel of S.Francesco d’Assisi, built in 1994;
the Rotolo palace, built in 1877; The Riso-Ferara palace, built in the 19th century; The Romano Palace, built in 18th century;
the Sartorio palace built in 1747; The Palagonia palace built in 1922; Villa Lisetta, built in the 19th century, is characterised by a British architecture; the Public Library includes the Archaeological museum and the historical archive;

Close to the village it is possible to visit the Archaeological site of Colle Madore.

People live here:


Typical food:

Melincianedde ‘muttunate

It is famous for:

The artist and singer Frank Sinatra;

The politician Gioacchino Germanà;

The mathematician Mauro Picone;

The doctor Alfonso Giordano;

The criminal Lucky Luciano;


Sagra della pantofola, food festival

Sagra della sfincia, food festival

Sagra della cuccia,food festival

My Way Festival, music festival

The Solfare, it is a sulphur area

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo

Take A19 Palermo-Catania and then continue on S.S. 121- 189 to Agrigento, exit Lercara Friddi.

From Catania

Take A19 Catania-Palermo, exit Caltanissetta, then continue on S.S. 121 to Palermo, exit Lercara Friddi.

From Trapani

Take A29 Trapani-Palermo exit Villabate then continue on S.S. 121-189 exit Lercara Friddi.


B&B Simo Amour


Villa Giatra Hotel 4*


Country House Casale di Riena 



Sfiziò express  

XIII Avieri, 4   90025 Lercara Friddi (PA)

Ph. 091 821 3246

La Tavernetta 

Via S. Anna nr. 54, Lercara Friddi, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. 091/8251372

Ristorante Kesia


Da Peppe 

Cortile Nicolosi 3, Lercara Friddi, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. 0918251076

Pizzeria la Vittoria 

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 27, Lercara Friddi, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. 0918213600;

Pizzeria Planet 

piazza indipendenza n 15  Lercara Friddi

Mobile: 328 778 8373 – 3890564920

Gyros Paradise  

Mobile: 320-8828947

Ristorante Margò  

Piazza umberto I   90025 Lercara Friddi Sicilia, Italia

Mobile: +39 329 456 7452




Campofelice di Roccella

Termini imerese

Porto Empedocle

San Leone;

Capo Rossello

Scala dei Turchi

Siculiana marina

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