Licodia Eubea

Province of Catania

Licodia Eubea is a tiny village with an ancient and interesting history rich in wonderful cultural attractions.

The foundation of Licodia Eubea is rather uncertain , but many of the archaeological findings uncovered in the area, identify the current village with the ancient Euboia, an ancient village founded by Calcidesi in 650 BC. Its name has different origins:  “Eubea” comes from the name of Calcidesi’s colony founded in 650 BC and “Licodia” derives from the feudal village founded in the Middle Age.  The most important monuments of the village are the Licodia Castle, also known as Santapau Castle, was erected in 1274. Some people says that the Castle was used as a fortress under the Arab and Norman dominations. The 1693 earthquake completely destroyed the castle leaving intact some watching towers, a few interior walls and its basement; but today,  visiting the ruins, you can still imagine how incredible and lively it was under the Kingdom of Sicily; the Church of Bianchetto, built in the 18th century with an octagonal plan, is considered as one of the well preserved examples of Sacred Architecture in the area; the Church of Santa Lucia, located in the Borgo district, was built in the 14th century and includes impressive works of art made by some local artists.; the Church and Convent of Cappuccini, erected in 1568, is dedicated to S.Maria degli Angeli hosing a wonderful cloister enriched by impressive decorations dating back to the 17th century; the Church of Carmine, built in 1563 by the marchioness Antonia del Balzo. Destroyed by the violent 1693 earthquake, the church was completely renovated in 1930 adding a new ring bell; the Church of Santa Margherita, built in the 17th century, has been the Mother Church of the village until the earthquake which damaged the village significantly. The interior has a Latin cross plan and three naves with a series of highly decorated columns. The church also includes the Chapel of SS. Sacramento which is rich in stuccos and incredible frescos.

Close to the village it is possible to visit the ancient Marineo Caves dating back to the Neolithic Age (5000-4300 BC).

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Sagra dell’Uva (5-6/09) food festival

How to get there:

By Car:

Get on Superstrada Ragusa-Catania to Ragusa, exit Vizzini Scalo; or take Superstrada Ragusa- Catania, to Catania exit Licodia Eubea-Mazzarrone.


B&B Il Paesino 

B&B Mugnos 4* 

Locanda Gulfi

Castello Camemi Luxury Hotel


A Carrittaria Pub-Pizzeria

Via del Popolo, 59A, 95040 Licodia Eubea CT, Italy

Ph. +39 0933 963021

Lukos Restaurant

Via Doria 2, Licodia Eubea, Sicilia, Italia

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