Province of Catania

Maletto is a medieval village located in the charming province of Catania.

Maletto was founded by Manfredi Maletta in has 1263 who built its majestic Castle. Later the village was completely rebuilt in 1440 by Prince Sapdafora. The most important cultural attractions of the village are the Mother Church, dedicated to the Sacratissimi Cuori di Gesù e Maria, was built in the nineteenth century by Monsignor Mariano Palermo, Bishop of Piazza Armerina. The church has an imposing facade, decorated with some pilasters made with lava stone. The interior has three naves with precious stuccos and some marble altars characterized by a neoclassical style; the Civic Museum “Salvo Nibali” was built in 1952. It shows the archaeological, cultural and demo-ethno-anthropological documents of the area. In the archaeological section, the museum displays incredible ancient findings dating back to the 6th millennium BC; the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, has impressive interior decorated with a  Tuscan style and enriched by some decorative elements that divide the space into six unequal parts; the Church of San Michele, built in the early sixteenth century, was included in the Spadafora Palace. Damaged by the 1639 earthquake, the church still retains the original structure including some very valuable Baroque works; the Castle, built in the 13th century, stands on the top of a ridge of sandstone rocks located close to Volcano Etna. Thanks to its location the castle achieved great importance as a stronghold over the centuries.

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Sagra della Fragola, (12-14/06) Strawberry Food Festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Catania

Get on S.S. 121 to Paternò, take S.S. 284, exit Maletto.

By Train:

From Catania

Ferrovia Circumetnea

via Caronda 352


Hotel La Fucina di Vulcano

Country House Cuntarati

B&B La Casa sui Nebrodi


Ristorante Fontana Murata

Ristorante Le Delizie

Via Umberto n.57, Maletto, Sicilia, Italia

Pizzeria il Canale

via Prof. Putrino, 1, Maletto, Sicilia, Italia

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