Province of Messina

Malfa is a wonderful village located in the island of Salina which is well known for its impressive productions of capers, olives, figs and the sweet white wine Malvasia. 

Malfa is a small municipality located in the island of Salina, one of the Aeolian islands. The village has ancient origins dating back to the Bronze Age and its name derives from Amalfi (a village near Naples). In the 17th century the feudal town was acquired by the noble family Galletti who built the current old town centre. The main economic activities are agriculture, tourism and fishing. This village is well known for its impressive productions of capers, olives, figs and the sweet white wine Malvasia.

The old town centre includes the Church of Sant’Anna, built in the 18th century, which contains many precious paintings dating back to the 20th century.

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Salina Doc Fest, Documentary International festival

Festa di San Giuseppe a Malfa, holy festivity

Festival of San Lorenzo (10/08) is an holy festivity with a street parade, music and fireworks.


Water sports

How to get there:

By Ferry:

From Milazzo

Siremar, N.G.I and USTICAlines

From Reggio Calabria and Messina

USTICAlines hydrofoils

From Naples

Siremar ferry

SNAV hydrofoils

From Palermo and Cefalù

USTICAlines hydrofoils


Capofaro Hotel 5* 

Hotel  Principe di Salina 4*    

Hotel Signum 4*  

Hotel Santa Isabel Lounge 4*    

Hotel Ravesi 3*  

Hotel Punta Scario 3*

B&B Eoliano 2*    

Turkiscu Apartments

B&B ’A Alera


Ristorante La Pinnata del Monsù 

Via Sorgente 1, 98050 Malfa, Sicilia,

Mobile: 0039 389 5140472


Al cappero 

A Lumeredda  

Bluemoon e Cosi Duci  

Via S. Lorenzo, 9, Malfa ME

Ph. 0039 090 984 4358

Rando Manuela Ristorante Pizzeria U Cucunciu  

Via Roma, 81, Malfa ME

Ph.0039 090 984 4408


Pollara beach

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