Province of Messina

Mandanici is an ancient medieval town included in the province of Messina. 

The foundation of Mandanici is dating back to 1145. The feudal town was conquered by Count Roger the Norman, who ordered the construction of a Basilian monastery in order to spread the Christian religion and the Norman culture over the territory. The most important monuments of the village are:
the Cathedral of Santa Domenica is a Norman church built in the 12th century; the Basilian Monastery of SS Annunziata, built in 1100, was renovated in the 17th century with majestic Baroque decorations; the Church of SS.Trinità, erected in the 12th century.
The village also includes an interesting the Geo – Anthropological Museum located in the ancient Church of SS. Salvatore (12th century), which contains many amazing eighteenth-century stuccos and frescoes. The museum also provides temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

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Festa della Santa Domenica Ciriaca (August), holy festivity


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