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Marineo has ancient origins thanks to the presence of the river Eleuterio.  

The small town of Marineo is 30km from Palermo, and is characterized by an imposing cliff named the Rocca. This village, first founded in 1550, has ancient origins thanks to the presence of the river Eleuterio that during the course of history offered a fertile ground for many settlements.
There are lots of attractions to be seen in this charming village, the Castello Beccadelli was built in 1553 and houses the Archaelogical Regional Museum of Valle Euterio that displays precious archaeological findings from the Montagnola and the Valley of the Eleuterio. There is also fascinating graves from the Roman period discovered in the district of Sant’Agata. Another significative archaeological site is Makella where there have been lots of findings dating back to the Iron period. Moreover the Santuario della Madonna della Dayna is a marvellous church that watches over the village from the top of the rock. Built in 1400 it was restored after World War II.
Walking along the river Eleutero you can find some ruins of ancient mills, Mulinello and Ex Mulino Nuovo, immersed in prominent vegetation, they are considered as a significative testimony of the agricultural traditions of this village. From Marineo it’s also possible to reach the Nature Reserve of Ficuzza where there are lots of natural paths full of Mediterranean vegetation. The Gole dello Stretto path is a fascinating but difficult hike, it goes up the river Eleutero and climbs back along a gorge carved between two hills that offers  visitors a beautiful panorama.

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Il Presepe Vivente sotto la Rocca 

La Dimostranza di san Ciro

Sagra “carni e sapori”

Festa delle corti nel marchesato di Marineo

How to get there:

By Car

From Palermo, Catania, Messina and Trapani Get on SS121 Agrigento-Villabate exit Bolognetta – Marineo (SS 118)

From Agrigento

Follow SS 121 to Palermo exit Bolognetta- Marineo (SS 118)


Country House Parco Vecchio 3*

B&B Oleaster

Manor Farm Rossella


Country House Parco Vecchio

Baglio degli Ulivi

Alex pizza  

Piazza Falcone E Borsellino, 90035 Marineo

La Bottega Siciliana  

S.S. 121 PA – AG 237,500; Villafrati

Ph. 091 872 4642

Ristorante/Pizzeria Castello Marineo 


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