Province of Catania

Mascalucia is a charming village in the province of Catania with an interesting ancient history. 

Mascalucia originates in ancient times and its first settlement was included in the village of ” Ombria”(now Ombra ) which was founded by an ancient civilization known as “Ombri”  who arrived in Sicily with Siculi in 1000 BC defeating the Sicani . Later in 324 BC the village was named Massalargia, a mix of two Latin words “Massa ” and ” Largia ” which means “village ” and “gift” . The most important monuments of the village are the Santuario Madonna della Consolazione includes wonderful masterpieces such as the main altar with marble columns, some majestic sculptures enriched by golden decorations, the inlaid pulpit and the pipe organ and impressive paintings made by the artist Pietro Novelli, well known as the Morrealese; the Temple of Sant’Antonio Abate, built in 827 BC, is located in the main Cemetery of the village and displays a stunning Gothic style with a typical Sicilian terracotta floor, enhanced by white marble gravestones. Thanks to a wall made with local limestone which separated men from women, this church is a well preserved example  of  the strong distinction between sexes in the early times of Catholicism; the Church of San Vito Martire, built after the 1693 earthquake, has three naves and shows an incredible Romanic Style. Its interior includes the famous statue of the Patron Saint of the village San Vito made in the 17th century and his legendary treasure; the Church of Addolorata, rose on the top of the hill, was erected in 1954 and open to the public in 1979.

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Christmas celebrations with markets and traditional foods.


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L’Altra Pizza

Via Etnea 128, 95030 Mascalucia, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0958187503

Ristorante Tre-Zero-Otto

Via Etnea, 308, Mascalucia CT, Italy

Ph.+39 095 727 6532

Ristorante Villa del Cedro 

Momà Arte&Gusto

Via Etnea, 2 D, Mascalucia, 95030 Mascalucia CT, Italy

Ph. +39 329 894 7011

Pane Olio e Sale 

La Pecora Nera

Via Etnea, 403, 95030 Mascalucia CT, Italy

Ph. +39 095 286 1958

Il Gattopardo

Via Oberdan Guglielmo, 2, Mascalucia CT, Italy

Ph. +39 095 727 2901

Ristorante Pizzeria Miseria e Nobiltà 

Al Mio Ristorante 

Via Santissimo Crocifisso 29, Mascalucia, Sicilia, Italia

Ph. +39 0957270004

Pizzeria Michelangelo

Via Roma, 106, 95030 Mascalucia CT, Italy

Ph. +39 095 727 4662

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