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Mazzarrone is a tiny modern village which became independent after the Unification of Italy.

The little town of Mazzarrone beginning to be populated after the Unification of Italy. Many families moved from the Iblean centres to this village since 1870 creating the old town centre and different communities. The village achieved its independence in 1976 breaking away from the municipalities of Caltagirone and Licodia Eubea.
The most important monuments of the village are the Church of San Giuseppe built with a wonderful Neo-Romanic style. The interior has one nave and impressive sculptures made in 1954; the Church of Sacro Cuore, located in the Botteghelle district, includes one nave and a majestic marble altar with a wooden crucifix.; the Church of Santa Maria del Rosario was erected in 1965. The church has a single nave with and an adorned altar and a precious tabernacle displaying  a big Cross made with dark granite. The Church was significantly damaged by the 1984 fire which burned the sacred vestments and the paintings.

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Festival Internazionale Uva da Tavola (11-13/09) International Wine Festival

How to get there:

By Car:

From Catania

Take A18/E45, Strada Statale 194/SS194 andStrada Statale 514/SS514 to Strada Provinciale 38iii/SP38iii in Licodia Eubea. Take the exit towards Mazzarrone/Licodia Eubea/Sciri from Strada Statale 514/SS514. Continue on Strada Provinciale 38iii/SP38iii.


Casale dei Consoli


Casale dei Consoli

Ristorante C’Era una Volta

Pizzeria Le Mole

Contrada Dichiara, 97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi RG, Italy

Ph.+39 0932 926066

Country House Casale del Conte

KM. 15.200 S.P. 3, Vittoria, RG 97019, SP3, 97019 RG, Italy

Ph. +39 0932 876150

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